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NameStyleDate Crag name
Bawl and ChainSent β09/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Daily Dick DoseSent rpt09/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
See Spot RunSent dnf09/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Chive SuckerSent rpt08/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Baco BitSent rpt08/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
BabyfaceSent x08/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Bawl and ChainSent rpt08/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
BassinSent rpt08/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Baby MartiniSent x08/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Groupie AlertSent x07/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
La DelicateSent x07/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Choss TrainingSent O/S07/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
The SkimmerSent O/S07/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
The Laughing SutraSent O/S07/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
The Colonles Secret RecipeSent O/S07/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
The Grey LookSent O/S07/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Easy DilatorSent O/S07/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Amazing Little Half BoySent x06/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
El BurroSent rpt06/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
The HourglassSent x06/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Uncut YogiSent O/S06/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
New ReligionSent x06/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Walrus in a BlenderSent O/S06/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
That Hi Pro GloSent rpt06/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Alf in a Blender: AKA The Hunger ArtistSent rpt06/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
The VulgarianSent O/S06/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
El BurroSent x04/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Moonshine RoofSent O/S04/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Moonshine Roof RightSent x04/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
That Hi Pro GloSent x04/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Alf in a Blender: AKA The Hunger ArtistSent x04/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
The Ides of MarchSent x03/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Hug a Jug WallSent O/S03/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Warm Up Roof RightSent x03/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
CalentarSent x03/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Try HardSent O/S03/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
DragonflySent rpt03/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
BrutusSent O/S03/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Orifice AffairSent rpt02/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Ghetto SimulatorSent rpt02/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
BloodlineSent x01/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
DenezinSent O/S01/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Bawl and ChainSent rpt01/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Men in ChainsSent rpt01/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Pumped Full of SemenSent dnf??/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Free WillySent dnf??/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Crimping Christ on a CrossSent dnf??/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Dragonfly Low StartSent dnf??/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Full ServiceSent dnf??/Dec/14Hueco Tanks
Dry DockSent dnf??/Dec/14Hueco Tanks