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Logbook for radioshed

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Picnic SarcasticSent x30/Nov/14The Bowderstone
BowderiserSent x30/Nov/14The Bowderstone
StatstickSent O/S30/Nov/14The Bowderstone
Bottle Arete SSSent rpt23/Nov/14Back Bowden Doors
The Vole Left Hand SSSent rpt23/Nov/14Back Bowden Doors
Sorcerer's Apprentice SSSent rpt23/Nov/14Back Bowden Doors
Weird Sisters OneSent x23/Nov/14Back Bowden Doors
The Dead Horses Tea PartySent O/S23/Nov/14Back Bowden Doors
Door Mats WallSent x23/Nov/14Back Bowden Doors
Christmas Tree Arete Indirect LHSent rpt22/Nov/14Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Christmas Tree Arete IndirectSent rpt22/Nov/14Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Christmas Tree Arete Indirect RHSent rpt22/Nov/14Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Prime TimeSent x22/Nov/14Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Necktie SSSent O/S15/Nov/14North Berwick Law
Fogtown (start only)Sent rpt15/Nov/14North Berwick Law
Law of Gravity LH (start only)Sent rpt15/Nov/14North Berwick Law
I Fought the LawSent rpt15/Nov/14North Berwick Law
ProwSent O/S15/Nov/14Hummell Rocks
Prow eliminateSent O/S15/Nov/14Hummell Rocks
TangologySent x15/Nov/14Hummell Rocks
Mini roofSent O/S15/Nov/14Hummell Rocks
Crimpy arÍteSent O/S15/Nov/14Hummell Rocks
HummelliationSent O/S15/Nov/14Hummell Rocks
Slab and wallSent O/S15/Nov/14Hummell Rocks
HumiliationSent x15/Nov/14Hummell Rocks
Darkness FallingLead rpt15/Nov/14North Berwick Law
Wild IrisLead rpt15/Nov/14North Berwick Law
ViennaSent x09/Nov/14Bowden Doors
Manta RHSent rpt09/Nov/14Bowden Doors
Crunchie TraverseSent rpt09/Nov/14Bowden Doors
Y-FrontSent rpt09/Nov/14Bowden Doors
Y-Front DirectSent rpt09/Nov/14Bowden Doors
Manta LHSent x09/Nov/14Bowden Doors
SidepullSent x08/Nov/14Wolfcrag Quarry
Sidepull SSSent x08/Nov/14Wolfcrag Quarry
Sidepull SS (with RH hold)Sent x08/Nov/14Wolfcrag Quarry
Left Diagonal SSSent x08/Nov/14Wolfcrag Quarry
The Pod (Right Pocket)Sent x08/Nov/14Wolfcrag Quarry
LayawaysSent x08/Nov/14Wolfcrag Quarry
Low TraverseSent x08/Nov/14Wolfcrag Quarry
DiagonalSent rpt08/Nov/14Wolfcrag Quarry
The ShieldSent rpt08/Nov/14Wolfcrag Quarry
The PodSent rpt08/Nov/14Wolfcrag Quarry
The Upper TraverseSent O/S02/Nov/14Ravens Crag
Two Small PocketsSent O/S02/Nov/14Ravens Crag
Pot HoleSent O/S02/Nov/14Ravens Crag
BreakSent O/S02/Nov/14Ravens Crag
Lip ProblemSent O/S02/Nov/14Ravens Crag
Black Wall TraverseSent O/S02/Nov/14Ravens Crag
Problem 49Sent O/S02/Nov/14Ravens Crag
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