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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Comedy7c ***Lead RPT. Frost07/Sep/14Kilnsey
The Truth Drug7b+ **Lead RPT. Frost20/Jul/14Kilnsey
Ground Effect7b ***Lead RPT. Frost18/Jul/14Kilnsey
Nerve Ending7b Lead RPT. Frost13/Jul/14Kilnsey
Danny de vito7a+ *Lead RPT. Frost25/May/14Schlosszwergwand
Sautanz7b+ ***Lead RPT. Frost23/May/14Obere Gössweinsteiner...
Schweine im Weltall7a **Lead O/S 26/Apr/14Soranger Wand
Aus die maus6a *Lead O/S 26/Apr/14Soranger Wand
Harry Potter6a+ Lead O/S 19/Apr/14Obere Schlossbergwände
Crazy Horsef7B **SentT. Frost09/Apr/14Apremont
StrawberriesV4 6b *SentH. Jones, T. Frost06/Oct/13Curbar Edge
Free and Even Easier7a+ **Lead RPH. Jones, T. Frost05/Oct/13Malham Cove
Consenting Adults7a **Lead RPR. Richmond, T. Frost26/Aug/13Malham Cove
Seventh Aardvark7b **Lead RPT. Frost04/Aug/13Malham Cove
Wall of Jericho6b *Lead O/SH. Jones08/Jul/13Horseshoe Quarry
Sag Ponir5a Lead O/SH. Jones08/Jul/13Horseshoe Quarry
The Big Fat Texan on the Corner6a *Lead O/SH. Jones08/Jul/13Horseshoe Quarry
The Weedkiller Traversef7A+ ***SentT. Frost07/Jul/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Red or Deadf7B *SentT. Frost06/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
Gadaffi Duck6b+ **Lead rptH. Jones05/Jul/13Australia
Sad Man Who's SaneVS 4c *Lead O/SH. Jones05/Jul/13Australia
Hyperfly6b Lead O/SH. Jones05/Jul/13Australia
Latrine5a Lead O/SH. Jones24/Jun/13Horseshoe Quarry
Thomas Crapper6a Lead O/SH. Jones24/Jun/13Horseshoe Quarry
Heather WallVS 4c **Lead O/SH. Jones16/Jun/13Stanage Popular
Crack and CornerS 4b ***Lead O/SH. Jones16/Jun/13Stanage Popular
Demon Wall Rooff7A+ **SentT. Frost02/Jun/13Almscliff
The Crucifix Traversef7A SentT. Frost02/Jun/13Almscliff
Stone the Loach7c **Lead RPT. Frost06/May/13Chee Dale Upper
Hungry Eyes7a+ **Lead RPJ. Hulbert, T. Frost23/Apr/13Chee Dale Upper
Arachonothera Direct6b+ *Lead rptJ. Hulbert, T. Frost23/Apr/13Chee Dale Upper
Max Pact6b *Lead O/SM. Richardson20/Apr/13Chee Dale Upper
Quality Control7a **Lead RPT. Frost16/Apr/13Chee Dale Upper
Prawnography6c *Lead RPT. Frost16/Apr/13Chee Dale Upper
Subterfuge6b+ *Lead O/ST. Frost16/Apr/13Chee Dale Upper
Green GullyIV 3 ***AltLd O/ST. Frost31/Mar/13Ben Nevis
Dolphin Belly SlapV6 6b **SentT. Frost29/Mar/13Almscliff
Matterhorn Ridgef5 *SentT. Frost29/Mar/13Almscliff
CD 25 Problem 6 - Wall of Horrors Startf6B *SentT. Frost29/Mar/13Almscliff
Crib Y Ddysgl - Crib Goch Traverse (Winter)I ***SoloT. Frost09/Dec/12Crib Goch
Adams (they made me)M5 Lead O/ST. Frost03/Dec/12White Goods
AppleM7 ***TR O/ST. Frost03/Dec/12White Goods
Left-hand Y GullyII *SoloT. Frost02/Dec/12Craig Lloer
Right-hand Y GullyI/II Solo O/ST. Frost02/Dec/12Craig Lloer
Bad LipV5 6b SentT. Frost16/Nov/12Curbar Edge
Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***SentT. Frost16/Nov/12Curbar Edge
Thin SlabV5 6b Sent O/SR. Richmond, C. Redding, D....05/May/12Stanage Plantation
Crescent Aretef5+ ***Sent βR. Richmond, C. Redding, D....05/May/12Stanage Plantation
Crozzle Arete Right-handV3 6a SentR. Richmond, C. Redding, D....05/May/12Stanage Plantation
Sithee DirectE1 6b **Sent βR. Richmond, C. Redding, D....05/May/12Stanage Plantation
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