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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Bring Me Sunshine7a+ *TR β28/Jun/15Giggleswick South
The Hoarse Whisperer6c+ *Lead dog28/Jun/15Giggleswick South
Titter Ye Not6c *Lead O/S28/Jun/15Giggleswick South
Lazy Days6b *Lead O/S28/Jun/15Giggleswick South
Chip off the Old Block6a+ *Lead O/S28/Jun/15Giggleswick South
Chopping Block6a+ Lead O/S28/Jun/15Giggleswick South
The Mute Swan6a+ ***Lead O/S28/Jun/15Giggleswick South
Mutant Sunshine6b *Lead O/S28/Jun/15Giggleswick South
Slanting CleftS 4a Solo O/S09/Jun/15Woodhouse Scar
Kriss AreteVD 3c Solo O/S09/Jun/15Woodhouse Scar
KrissS 4a Solo O/S09/Jun/15Woodhouse Scar
Woodhouse EliminateE1 5b *Solo O/S09/Jun/15Woodhouse Scar
Basin CracksVD Solo O/S09/Jun/15Woodhouse Scar
Metal Mickeyf6A+ *Sent09/Jun/15Woodhouse Scar
Curving Groovef4+ *Sent09/Jun/15Woodhouse Scar
Undercut Problemf3+ Sent09/Jun/15Woodhouse Scar
Thin Crackf5+ Sent09/Jun/15Woodhouse Scar
The Big 6f6A *Sent09/Jun/15Woodhouse Scar
Dressed to the RightS 4a **DWS30/May/15Mingulay
Wandering SoulVD **DWS30/May/15Mingulay
Not so DiffHS 4b DWS30/May/15Mingulay
Les VoyageursE3 5c ***AltLd O/S29/May/15Mingulay
Taxing MacpheeE2 5c ***AltLd O/S28/May/15Mingulay
Ossian BoulevardE2 5b **AltLd O/S28/May/15Mingulay
The SilkieE3 6a ***AltLd O/S26/May/15Mingulay
Voyage of FaithE3 5c ***AltLd O/S26/May/15Mingulay
The Hurried PathE3 5c ***AltLd O/S25/May/15Mingulay
CrocodileE3 6a ***AltLd O/S23/May/15Aonach Dubh, East Face
The Quartz IcicleE2 5b **AltLd O/S26/Apr/15Gogarth North Stack and Main...
The Concrete ChimneyHVS 5a ***AltLd O/S26/Apr/15Gogarth North Stack and Main...
The BulgerVS 4c *Lead O/S19/Apr/15Roaches Lower Tier
ElegyE2 5c ***Lead dnf19/Apr/15Roaches Lower Tier
Three Pocket SlabV3 6a **Sent O/S19/Apr/15Roaches Lower Tier
Stretch and MantelV5 6b ***Sent O/S19/Apr/15Roaches Lower Tier
Starlight Leftf6B+ *Sent19/Apr/15Hen Cloud
Bachelor's Left-handHVS 5b ***Lead O/S19/Apr/15Hen Cloud
Pillar of salt6a+ Lead rpt11/Apr/15Stoney Bank
Stony Broke6c *Lead rpt11/Apr/15Stoney Bank
Come On (Sport)6b+ **Lead O/S11/Apr/15Stoney Bank
Summertime(and the weather is lousy)6b *Lead rpt11/Apr/15Stoney Bank
Mr Shifter (sport)6a+ **Lead O/S11/Apr/15Stoney Bank
A Prize to Arms7a+ *TR28/Mar/15Empire Crag
A Prize to Arms7a+ *Lead dog28/Mar/15Empire Crag
Gold DiggerE2 5c 2nd O/S28/Mar/15Pen Trwyn
ExcursionE2 5b ***Lead O/S28/Mar/15Pen Trwyn
Precious MetalE1 5b **Lead O/S28/Mar/15Pen Trwyn
The SavageE1 5a AltLd O/S21/Mar/15Gogarth South Stack
The MoonE3 5c ***AltLd rpt21/Mar/15Gogarth South Stack
Orion Face DirectV 5 ***AltLd O/S15/Feb/15Ben Nevis
GeminiVI 6 ***AltLd O/S14/Feb/15Ben Nevis