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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Crack and Cavenone 4a **TR O/S25/Jul/15Harrisons Rocks
Spider Wallnone 5b **TR O/S25/Jul/15Harrisons Rocks
Isolated Buttress Climbnone 4c ***TR O/S25/Jul/15Harrisons Rocks
Tame Variantnone 2b TR O/S25/Jul/15Harrisons Rocks
The Vicenone 4c **TR O/S25/Jul/15Harrisons Rocks
Dr. Sole and Mr. Sole3 Lead O/S21/Apr/15Battleship Back Cliff
Never Lead a Numb Existence4a Lead O/S21/Apr/15Battleship Back Cliff
Phil's Route4a Lead O/S21/Apr/15Battleship Back Cliff
Days of Heaven4c Lead O/S21/Apr/15Battleship Back Cliff
Love on the Rocks ;)5a Lead O/S21/Apr/15Battleship Back Cliff
I Get High with a Little Help from My Friends5a Lead O/S21/Apr/15Battleship Back Cliff
NailsbaneHVD *Lead O/S14/Apr/15Lawrencefield
GingerbreadVS 4c *Lead O/S14/Apr/15Lawrencefield
Bilberry CrackVD *Lead O/S13/Apr/15Burbage North
Ash Tree CrackVD *Lead O/S13/Apr/15Burbage North
Ash Tree WallHVD **2nd O/S13/Apr/15Burbage North
Emma's DilemmaS 4b **Lead O/S12/Apr/15Birchen Edge
Sunset CrackHS 4c **2nd O/S11/Apr/15Froggatt Edge
Hawk's Nest CrackVS 4c ***Lead O/S11/Apr/15Froggatt Edge
Terrace CrackVS 4b **2nd O/S11/Apr/15Froggatt Edge
Soft OptionVD 2nd O/S11/Apr/15Froggatt Edge
Three Pebble SlabE1 5a ***Lead O/S11/Apr/15Froggatt Edge
Sunset SlabHVS 4b ***Lead O/S11/Apr/15Froggatt Edge
Captain LethargyHVD Lead O/S10/Apr/15Roaches Lower Tier
Sifta's QuidHS 4b *Lead O/S10/Apr/15Roaches Lower Tier
Om PuriVS 4c Lead O/S06/Apr/15Fairy Cave Quarry
Heaven Can WaitHS 4b 2nd O/S06/Apr/15Fairy Cave Quarry
Withy CrackHVS 5a **Lead O/S06/Apr/15Fairy Cave Quarry
Epic-duralE2 5c Lead O/S04/Apr/15Fairy Cave Quarry
Lumbar PunctureE2 5b *Lead O/S04/Apr/15Fairy Cave Quarry
Little Steve's Mersey Tunnel AffairS 4a 2nd O/S04/Apr/15Fairy Cave Quarry
Golden FleeceHS 4b **Lead O/S21/Mar/15Symonds Yat
WhittVS 4c ***Lead O/S21/Mar/15Symonds Yat
Cave ArÍteHS 4a 2nd O/S21/Mar/15Symonds Yat
Breakfast in AmericaHS 4b Lead O/S21/Mar/15Symonds Yat
Kennard Climb4a TR O/S10/Mar/15Bowles Rocks
Dibnone 4a *TR O/S10/Mar/15Bowles Rocks
Pedant's Slabnone 4c TR O/S10/Mar/15Bowles Rocks
Pig's Nosenone 5a ***TR O/S10/Mar/15Bowles Rocks
Yoyonone 4a **TR O/S10/Mar/15Bowles Rocks
Chrisnone 5c TR O/S10/Mar/15Bowles Rocks
Godbeams4a Lead O/S08/Mar/15The Cuttings
The Bumper Fun Book4a Lead O/S08/Mar/15The Cuttings
Suntrap3 Lead O/S08/Mar/15The Cuttings
Queen of the New Year3 Lead O/S08/Mar/15The Cuttings
Whispering Gallery3 Lead O/S08/Mar/15The Cuttings
Chips with Everything4c *Lead O/S08/Mar/15The Cuttings
Elephant on Rollerskates4a Lead O/S08/Mar/15The New Cuttings
Skaterdate4c Lead O/S08/Mar/15The New Cuttings
Buddleia Boulevard5a Lead O/S08/Mar/15The New Cuttings