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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Dusky MaidenS 4c LeadSteve Ramsey04/Mar/11Causey Quarry
Crack and ChimneyS LeadSteve Ramsey04/Mar/11Causey Quarry
SpinupVS 4c **2ndJohn Armstrong09/Oct/10Falcon Crags (Borrowdale)
StretchHVS 5a 2ndJohn Armstrong09/Oct/10Falcon Crags (Borrowdale)
Central ClimbVS 4c **2ndCliff Lowther10/Sep/10Almscliff
The Traditional ClimbVS 4c **2ndCliff Lowther10/Sep/10Almscliff
Bird's Nest CrackHS 4b **LeadCliff Lowther10/Sep/10Almscliff
Crack and WallHS 4b *2ndCliff Lowther10/Sep/10Almscliff
South Wall TraverseVS 4c **2ndCliff Lowther10/Sep/10Almscliff
Sinister GroovesVS 4c **2ndJohn Armstrong05/Sep/10Buckstone How
Eliminate 'A'VS 4c ***-John Armstrong04/Sep/10Dow Crag
FoxeyVS 4c LeadClair MacIntosh26/Aug/10East Woodburn
TeabagMVS 4c Solo 25/Aug/10Wolf Crag
String BeanS Solo 25/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Family OutingVD *Solo 25/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Green BeanD Solo 25/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Fruit SaladVD Solo 25/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Jelly and CreamS Solo 25/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Bread KnifeS Solo 25/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Idiots DelightHS 4c ***2ndMark 'epic' Hawkins12/Aug/10Great Wanney
Great WallHVS 5b ***2ndMark 'epic' Hawkins12/Aug/10Great Wanney
Main WallMS **2ndStephen 'Hagga' Harrison12/Aug/10Great Wanney
String BeanS Solo 08/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Family Outing DirectVS 4c LeadClair MacIntosh08/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Family OutingVD *LeadClair MacIntosh08/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Summer HolidayVS 4c LeadClair MacIntosh08/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Fruit SaladVD LeadClair MacIntosh08/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Jelly and CreamS Solo 08/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Bread KnifeS Solo 08/Aug/10Wolf Crag
Covent GardenVS 4b **AltLdMark 'epic' Hawkins31/Jul/10Millstone Edge
Great Portland StreetHVS 5b ***2ndMark 'epic' Hawkins31/Jul/10Millstone Edge
The MallVS 4c ***2ndMark 'epic' Hawkins31/Jul/10Millstone Edge
Embankment 2VS 4c **2ndMark 'epic' Hawkins31/Jul/10Millstone Edge
Twin CracksVS 5a *2ndMark 'epic' Hawkins28/Jul/10Peel crag
SunsetMS ***2ndMark 'epic' Hawkins28/Jul/10Peel crag
Sunset DirectVS 5a *2ndMark 'epic' Hawkins28/Jul/10Peel crag
UlyssesVD *LeadClair MacIntosh28/Jul/10Peel crag
Rock Island LIneE1 5b ***2ndMark 'epic' Hawkins28/Jul/10Peel crag
Tiger's HangoverVS 4c 2ndMark 'epic' Hawkins28/Jul/10Peel crag
First OpportunityMS LeadClair MacIntosh13/Jul/10Corby's Crag
The PlonkaS ***LeadClair MacIntosh13/Jul/10Corby's Crag
Hole in OneMVS 4c *LeadClair MacIntosh13/Jul/10Corby's Crag
Shorty's DilemmaS 4a LeadClair MacIntosh11/Jul/10Brimham Rocks
Heather WallS 4a *LeadClair MacIntosh11/Jul/10Brimham Rocks
Rough WallVS 5a ***LeadClair MacIntosh11/Jul/10Brimham Rocks
L.P.VS 4c 2ndIan Norman22/Jun/10Corby's Crag
Nut's WallVS 4c LeadPaul Lynch22/Jun/10Corby's Crag
MisrepresentationMVS 4c **LeadPaul Lynch22/Jun/10Corby's Crag
The PlonkaS ***LeadPaul Lynch22/Jun/10Corby's Crag
AudacityHVS 5a ***2ndIan Norman22/Jun/10Corby's Crag
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