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NameStyleDate Crag name
Magic CircleLead O/S???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Golden StairsLead O/S???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Magic FluteLead O/S???/2010Back Bowden Doors
The Tube, Left-hand ExitLead O/S???/2010Back Bowden Doors
The TubeLead O/S???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Duke of YorkLead O/S???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Angle CornerLead O/S???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Angle Corner, Alternate FinishLead O/S???/2010Back Bowden Doors
GangwayLead O/S???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Hollybush CrackLead O/S???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Hot Spot-???/2010Volx
Charles de Goal-???/2010Volx
Les Estagnots-???/2010Volx
Toenail PieSolo???/2010Water-cum-Jolly
Uncertain EmotionsLead RP???/1995Creag A'Bhancair
The SnirglerLead O/S???/1994Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
Ripper RooLead O/S???/1994Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
SidewinderLead O/S???/1994Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
Sidewinder Left Hand FinishLead O/S???/1994Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
The Great EscapeLead O/S???/1994Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
TiggerLead O/S???/1994Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
CheetahLead O/S???/1994Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
El-DLead O/S???/1994Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
Pooh's AreteLead O/S???/1994Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
Bottleneck ChimneyLead O/S???/1994Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
Bizarre ButtressLead O/S???/1994Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
Wish You Were HereLead O/S???/1994Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
Flying CircusLead O/S???/1994Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
SnoopyLead O/S???/1994Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
Daka Daka DakaLead O/S???/1994Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
AcapulcoLead O/S???/1994Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
The Red BaronLead O/S???/1994Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
The GroanLead O/S???/1994Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
Van RiftoftenLead O/S???/1994Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
In Search of the SunLead O/S???/1994Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
Beach Groove GardenLead???/1994Beach Crag
CowrieLead???/1994Beach Crag
ArmburgerLead???/1994Beach Crag
DechnoLead???/1994Beach Crag
Childs PlayLead???/1994Beach Crag
Family FunLead???/1994Beach Crag
AortaLead???/1994Beach Crag
AdalatLead???/1994Beach Crag
Capillary WallLead???/1994Beach Crag
VoltarolLead???/1994Beach Crag