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Logbook for Jim Malo

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
MasconE1 5a **2nd O/SStu19/Oct/14Lower Sharpnose Point
HatchetHVS 4c 2nd O/SStu19/Oct/14Lower Sharpnose Point
LeviathanVS 4c ***2nd O/SStu18/Oct/14The Dewerstone
Central GrooveHS 4b ***2nd O/SStu18/Oct/14The Dewerstone
Fly On The WallHS 4b **2nd O/SStu18/Oct/14The Dewerstone
Silken Thread/ImperialistHVS 5a **2nd O/SStu18/Oct/14The Dewerstone
Banana Crack5c LeadVix, Mark05/Oct/14Wyndcliffe Quarry
Banana Skin5c Lead rptVix, Mark05/Oct/14Wyndcliffe Quarry
Bananarama5a Lead O/SVix, Mark05/Oct/14Wyndcliffe Quarry
The Banana Splits4a Lead O/SVix, Mark05/Oct/14Wyndcliffe Quarry
Finishing Touch6b *Lead dogVix, Mark05/Oct/14Wyndcliffe Quarry
Wot! No Eric5c TR rptVix, Mark05/Oct/14Wyndcliffe Quarry
The Cube P7V0+ 5c Sent xTim28/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Cube P14V3 6a *Sent xTim28/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Warm Up Slab P27V1 5c *Sent O/STim28/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Cube P10V4 6a Sent dnfTim28/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Warm Up Slab P25V3 6b Sent dnfTim28/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Dark Side Left AreteV0 5b Sent dnfTim28/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Dark Side FlakeV0 5a *Sent dnfTim28/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Greg's Dyno Secteur P99V1 5c **Sent dnfTim28/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Shivering TimbersVS 4c 2nd rptTim27/Sep/14Gull Rock - Marsland
Solid AirVS 4b Lead O/STim27/Sep/14Gull Rock - Marsland
JailbirdVS 4c *2nd O/STim26/Sep/14Hurlstone Point
Eumeo4a *Lead O/SVix16/Sep/14Odyssey
Argo4c *Lead O/SVix16/Sep/14Odyssey
Telemaco5c **Lead O/SVix16/Sep/14Odyssey
Mo An4c **Lead O/SVix15/Sep/14Irox
Sevasti4c *Lead rptVix15/Sep/14Irox
Kiriaki5a *Lead O/SVix15/Sep/14Irox
Niki5a **Lead O/SVix15/Sep/14Irox
Hot Roc5c ***Lead O/SVix15/Sep/14Pescatore
Karabolas6a **LeadVix15/Sep/14Pescatore
Axel6a+ **LeadVix15/Sep/14Pescatore
Hot Chilli5c ***Lead O/SVix14/Sep/14Lambda
Lava6a+ ***Lead O/SVix14/Sep/14Lambda
Aroleid5c *Lead O/SVix14/Sep/14Lambda
Progressive Rock part 16a ***Lead O/SVix14/Sep/14Lambda
Marinelli4a *Lead O/SVix14/Sep/14Lambda
Cresta Rey5a **Lead O/SVix14/Sep/14Lambda
Ze Seewjnen5b **Lead O/SVix14/Sep/14Lambda
Salbei6a **LeadVix13/Sep/14Summertime
Thymian4c **Lead O/SVix13/Sep/14Summertime
Yeraki5c *Lead O/SVix13/Sep/14Summertime
Til Tanit5c *Lead O/SVix13/Sep/14Summertime
Sophia5a Lead O/SVix13/Sep/14Summertime
Dorian5a **Lead O/SVix13/Sep/14Summertime
July4a *Lead O/SVix13/Sep/14Summertime
Anna4a *Lead O/SVix13/Sep/14Summertime
Yahurti me Meli4a *Lead O/SVix13/Sep/14Kastelli
Kokkinidis4c **Lead O/SVix13/Sep/14Kastelli
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