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NameStyleDate Crag name
Crooked Crack2nd rpt23/Apr/15Wilton 3
Mo2nd rpt23/Apr/15Wilton 3
MeenyLead rpt23/Apr/15Wilton 3
Shivers AreteLead dog23/Apr/15Wilton 3
Shivers AreteLead rpt23/Apr/15Wilton 3
Orange GrooveSolo rpt23/Apr/15Wilton 3
Corner Chimney2nd O/S21/Apr/15Cadshaw Rocks
Central Crack2nd rpt21/Apr/15Cadshaw Rocks
Split Block CrackLead rpt21/Apr/15Cadshaw Rocks
Neb Corner2nd O/S19/Apr/15Stanage North
Eric's EliminateLead O/S19/Apr/15Stanage North
Tango CrackLead O/S19/Apr/15Stanage North
It's a CrackerLead O/S19/Apr/15Stanage North
Mantelshelf Climb2nd O/S19/Apr/15Stanage North
Right-hand TrinityLead O/S18/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse Left2nd O/S18/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Gargoyle ButtressLead O/S18/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Flying ButtressLead O/S18/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Step in the CloudsLead rpt16/Apr/15Denham Quarry
Oak Leaf Crack2nd rpt14/Apr/15Wilton 3
Orange CrackLead rpt14/Apr/15Wilton 3
Orange WallLead14/Apr/15Wilton 3
Meeny2nd rpt09/Apr/15Wilton 3
Eeny2nd rpt09/Apr/15Wilton 3
MeenyLead rpt09/Apr/15Wilton 3
Miney2nd rpt09/Apr/15Wilton 3
MoLead rpt09/Apr/15Wilton 3
GroovySent O/S06/Apr/15Brownstones
Slab DirectSent rpt06/Apr/15Brownstones
TiptoeSent rpt06/Apr/15Brownstones
BlurtSent rpt06/Apr/15Brownstones
Ash Pit SlabSent rpt06/Apr/15Brownstones
Paradise2nd O/S04/Apr/15Wallowbarrow Crag
ParallelAltLd O/S04/Apr/15Wallowbarrow Crag
DigitationAltLd O/S04/Apr/15Wallowbarrow Crag
Troy Groove2nd O/S21/Mar/15Troy Quarry
Right Siamese Twin2nd rpt21/Mar/15Troy Quarry
Stacked DeckLead rpt21/Mar/15Troy Quarry
Mucky PupsLead rpt21/Mar/15Troy Quarry
Central GullyAltLd O/S07/Feb/15Brown Cove Crags
Broad gully right of main cragSolo O/S07/Feb/15Brown Cove Crags
ChimpSolo O/S09/Nov/14Hutton Roof Crags
WingsSolo O/S09/Nov/14Hutton Roof Crags
SerpentSolo O/S09/Nov/14Hutton Roof Crags
Ronson KirkbySolo O/S09/Nov/14Hutton Roof Crags
Little CornerSolo O/S09/Nov/14Hutton Roof Crags
San AntonioTR RP09/Nov/14Hutton Roof Crags
Sendero Luminoso2nd O/S09/Nov/14Hutton Roof Crags
West CoastSolo O/S09/Nov/14Hutton Roof Crags
GalapagosSolo O/S09/Nov/14Hutton Roof Crags