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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
E13M Solo O/S 04/Sep/12Leigh Tor
Living on a knifes edgeM Solo O/S 04/Sep/12Leigh Tor
Groovy GangM Solo O/S 04/Sep/12Leigh Tor
Pumpin SumfinM Solo O/S 04/Sep/12Leigh Tor
Stanza.VD Solo O/S 03/Sep/12Kit Hill Quarry
The Frog.VD Solo O/S 03/Sep/12Kit Hill Quarry
Music Box.VD Solo O/S 03/Sep/12Kit Hill Quarry
Agag's SlabD 2ndWayne Rawlins30/Aug/12The Dewerstone
Window SlitVD **2ndWayne Rawlins30/Aug/12The Dewerstone
colonels areteVD 2ndWayne Rawlins30/Aug/12The Dewerstone
Pinnacle ButtressVD 2ndWayne Rawlins20/Aug/12The Dewerstone
JaneD LeadMike Hooper24/May/12Cheesewring Quarry
Sheltered CrackVD Leadwestcorkman12/May/12Sheeps Tor
Slab RouteD *2ndwestcorkman12/May/12Sheeps Tor
Mushroom WallVS 4c **2ndwestcorkman12/May/12Sheeps Tor
Barking CrackVD 2ndwestcorkman12/May/12Sheeps Tor
Dear Renate6a *Lead dogwestcorkman07/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Banana Joe5c Lead dogwestcorkman07/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Ana4c **TRwestcorkman05/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Gufelwufel5a *Leadwestcorkman05/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Seduction6a *Lead dogwestcorkman05/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Tropical Dreams6a **Lead O/Swestcorkman05/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Egipt Air4c *Leadwestcorkman03/Apr/12Salem
Istambul4c *Leadwestcorkman03/Apr/12Salem
Borrul, Borrul5a *Leadwestcorkman03/Apr/12Salem
Deja vu5a *Leadwestcorkman03/Apr/12Sella
Bella ruta4a *Leadwestcorkman02/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
La roja dos4a *Leadwestcorkman02/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Jan4c **Leadwestcorkman02/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Spölli4c Leadwestcorkman01/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Hekur5c *Leadwestcorkman01/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Ana4c **- ??/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Jan4c **- ??/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Tropical Dreams6a **- ??/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Dear Renate6a *- ??/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Banana Joe5c - ??/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Gufelwufel5a *- ??/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Seduction6a *- ??/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Spölli4c - ??/Apr/12Sierra de Toix
Sunny Delight3 Leadwestcorkman18/Mar/12Blacknor South
Surf, Sun and Just Having Fun3 Leadwestcorkman18/Mar/12Blacknor South
The Mighty Bush4c Leadwestcorkman18/Mar/12Blacknor South
It's My Life5a *TRwestcorkman18/Mar/12Blacknor South
Imperfect3+ *Leadwestcorkman18/Mar/12Blacknor South
Fallen Slab3 ***Leadwestcorkman18/Mar/12Blacknor South
Fallen Slab Arête3 ***Leadwestcorkman18/Mar/12Blacknor South
Well Done Poppet5a *Leadwestcorkman17/Mar/12Blacknor South
Do Ixtlan4c *Lead dnfwestcorkman17/Mar/12Blacknor South
Don't Kill Me4a Leadwestcorkman16/Mar/12Blacknor South
Vertically Challenged3 Leadwestcorkman16/Mar/12Blacknor South
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