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Logbook for Kevveth_09

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Katie's DilemmaMVS 4b 2nd O/Shayleylouise30/Jul/11Long Scar
Glass SlipperE2 5b *TR O/Shayleylouise30/Jul/11Black Crag (Wrynose)
Old HolbornM **Lead O/Shayleylouise30/Jul/11Long Scar
Platt Gang GrooveVD **Lead O/Shayleylouise30/Jul/11Long Scar
Sam's SaunterHS 4b *2nd O/Shayleylouise30/Jul/11Long Scar
Intruder's CornerVD **2nd O/Shayleylouise30/Jul/11Long Scar
Kleine Scheidegg5a 2nd O/SIan Millinship16/Jun/11Giggleswick South
The Second Ice-field6a+ *2nd dogabercolin16/Jun/11Giggleswick South
The Shattered Pillar5c *2nd O/SLucy Grassby16/Jun/11Giggleswick South
The Ice Hose6a 2nd O/SLucy Grassby16/Jun/11Giggleswick South
Alpiglen5c 2nd O/SLucy Grassby16/Jun/11Giggleswick South
7a+ Took Me Lung4c TR βDan Marsh, Lucy Grassby25/Apr/11Winspit
Tom's Patience4a *TR O/SDan Marsh, Lucy Grassby25/Apr/11Winspit
Mackerel5a *TR O/SDan Marsh, Lucy Grassby25/Apr/11Winspit
Anne-Marie Paid my Fee4c TR O/SDan Marsh, Lucy Grassby25/Apr/11Winspit
Bread Knife3+ *2ndDan Marsh, Lucy Grassby25/Apr/11Winspit
The Jolly Pleasant ScrambleM Solo O/SIan Millinship, Lucy Grassby19/Apr/11Crookrise
Tricky DickyD *Lead O/Sabercolin24/Oct/10Chapel-le-Dale Lower Tier
Minds EyeVS 4c **2nd O/Sabercolin24/Oct/10Chapel-le-Dale Lower Tier
Jefferson AirplaneMVS 4b *2nd O/Sabercolin24/Oct/10Chapel-le-Dale Lower Tier
Handjam CrackS *2nd O/Shayleylouise, abercolin21/Jun/10Twistleton Scars
Right Hand CrackS *2nd O/Shayleylouise, abercolin21/Jun/10Twistleton Scars
SerenityVS 5a **TR O/Sabercolin21/Jun/10Twistleton Scars
Direct RouteVD ***2nd O/Shayleylouise, abercolin13/Jun/10Milestone Buttress
Slab 2S 4a 2nd O/Shayleylouise, abercolin12/Jun/10Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Crack 1D AltLd O/Shayleylouise, abercolin12/Jun/10Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Diagonal CrackVD **Lead O/Sabercolin04/Jun/10Crookrise
Long ClimbVS 4b ***2nd O/Sabercolin04/Jun/10Crookrise
Craven CrackVS 4c *2nd O/Sabercolin04/Jun/10Crookrise
BullringD *TR O/SLucy Grassby17/May/10Chapel-le-Dale Lower Tier
Minds EyeVS 4c **TR O/SLucy Grassby17/May/10Chapel-le-Dale Lower Tier
Eyes of the LawMVS 4b **TR O/SLucy Grassby17/May/10Chapel-le-Dale Lower Tier
DuetS TR O/SLucy Grassby17/May/10Chapel-le-Dale Lower Tier
CatalogueD *TR O/SLucy Grassby17/May/10Chapel-le-Dale Lower Tier
Mini Gem5c *2nd doghayleylouise, abercolin09/May/10Giggleswick South
Winter Warmer5c *2nd doghayleylouise, abercolin09/May/10Giggleswick South
Holly Tree Groove5a *2nd doghayleylouise, abercolin09/May/10Giggleswick South
Tipsy Crack5a *2nd doghayleylouise, abercolin09/May/10Giggleswick South
OliverS *TR O/SDave Howe07/May/10Hawkswick Crag
Veteran's CrackMVS 4b *2nd O/Sabercolin07/May/10Hawkswick Crag
SatisfactionVD **Lead O/Shayleylouise07/May/10Hawkswick Crag
Block 6, Problem 16VB 4b Sent O/SLucy Grassby01/May/10Widdop
BitterVB 4b Sent O/SLucy Grassby01/May/10Widdop
EdgeHS 4a *2nd O/Sabercolin19/Apr/10Crookrise
Chockstone CrackD *2nd O/Sabercolin19/Apr/10Crookrise
Chockstone CrackD *Lead RPabercolin19/Apr/10Crookrise
Halloween OutingS 4a 2nd O/Shayleylouise, abercolin14/Apr/10Witches' Quarry
SerenityS 4a **2nd O/Shayleylouise, abercolin14/Apr/10Witches' Quarry
The ReeveVS 4c TR O/Shayleylouise, abercolin14/Apr/10Witches' Quarry
BroomstickVS 5a **TR doghayleylouise, abercolin14/Apr/10Witches' Quarry
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