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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Unclimbed Wallnone 5b ***TR rptKaori Carter, Jack31/Aug/13Harrisons Rocks
West Wallnone 5c ***TR O/SKaori Carter, Jack31/Aug/13Harrisons Rocks
Bulging Wall/Zig Nosenone 5c *TR RPKaori Carter, Jack31/Aug/13Harrisons Rocks
Riftnone 5c *TR O/SKaori Carter, Jack31/Aug/13Harrisons Rocks
The Niblicknone 5b ***TR RPKaori Carter26/Aug/13Harrisons Rocks
Unclimbed Wallnone 5b ***TR RPKaori Carter26/Aug/13Harrisons Rocks
Hell Wallnone 5a **TR rptKaori Carter26/Aug/13Harrisons Rocks
Elementarynone 5c **TR dogKaori Carter26/Aug/13Harrisons Rocks
Far Leftnone 5c **TR O/SKaori Carter26/Aug/13Harrisons Rocks
Key Wallnone 5a *TR dogKaori Carter17/Aug/13Stone Farm
Belle Vue Terracenone 6a **TR dogKaori Carter17/Aug/13Stone Farm
Birchden Wallnone 5b ***TR RPKaori Carter17/Aug/13Harrisons Rocks
Birchden Cornernone 5c ***TR RPKaori Carter17/Aug/13Harrisons Rocks
Isolated Buttress Climbnone 4c ***TR rptKaori Carter17/Aug/13Harrisons Rocks
Crib Y Ddysgl - Crib Goch Traverse1 ***SoloKaori Carter25/Jul/13Crib Goch
The Link/The ChainE1 5c *AltLd O/SJack22/Jul/13Dinas Mot
Western SlabsVS 4c **AltLd rpt 22/Jul/13Dinas Mot
NeaVS 4b **AltLd O/SJack22/Jul/13Clogwyn y Grochan
Well Done Poppet5a *Lead O/SKaori Carter13/Jul/13Blacknor South
Eating Bush5a Lead O/SKaori Carter13/Jul/13Blacknor South
Princess Bolting3+ Lead O/SKaori Carter13/Jul/13Blacknor South
Jutland4a Lead O/SKaori Carter13/Jul/13Blacknor South
Hot Pants Explosion6b+ *Lead RPKaori Carter13/Jul/13Blacknor South
Losing My Sad Tomato6c *Lead dog 13/Jul/13Blacknor South
Fallen Slab ArÍte3 ***Lead rpt 13/Jul/13Blacknor South
Good Route...Good Linenone 5c *TR RPKaori Carter07/Jul/13Eridge Green Rocks
Concordenone 5b *TR RPKaori Carter07/Jul/13Eridge Green Rocks
Conway's Cracknone 4b **TR O/SKaori Carter07/Jul/13Bulls Hollow Rocks
Bramble Cornernone 4c ***TR O/SKaori Carter07/Jul/13Bulls Hollow Rocks
Centurion's Groovenone 4c **TR O/SKaori Carter07/Jul/13Bulls Hollow Rocks
Hadrian's Wallnone 5b **TR O/SKaori Carter30/Jun/13Eridge Green Rocks
Remusnone 4c **TR O/SKaori Carter30/Jun/13Eridge Green Rocks
Barbican Buttressnone 4b **TR O/SKaori Carter30/Jun/13Eridge Green Rocks
Battlements Cracknone 5a ***TR O/SKaori Carter30/Jun/13Eridge Green Rocks
Portcullisnone 5c **TR O/SKaori Carter30/Jun/13Eridge Green Rocks
Steamrollernone 6a *TR RPKaori Carter30/Jun/13Eridge Green Rocks
Little Sod6b **Lead RPJonathan E, Jack23/Jun/13The Cuttings
Ectomorph6a Lead O/SJack23/Jun/13The Cuttings
Winter Sun6a Lead O/SJack22/Jun/13The Cuttings
Time Out of Mind5a Lead O/SJack22/Jun/13The Cuttings
Up the Junction6b *2nd O/SJack22/Jun/13The Cuttings
Chequers ButtressHVS 5a ***Lead O/SJack??/May/13Froggatt Edge
Golden YardstickVS 5a **Lead O/SKaori Carter??/May/13Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
LynxHS 4b **Lead O/SKaori Carter??/May/13Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
Baron's WallVS 5b *TR RPKaori Carter??/May/13Curbar Edge
Blizzard RidgeHVS 5a ***Lead O/SKaori Carter??/May/13Rivelin Edge
Wiggi and Mopoke's Excellent New Hilti5c *Lead O/SKaori Carter??/Feb/13Battleship Back Cliff
A Dream of White Porsches5a *Lead O/SKaori Carter??/Feb/13Battleship Back Cliff
This is This4c *Lead O/SKaori Carter??/Feb/13Battleship Back Cliff
Wake Up, Time to Die6a+ *Lead O/SKaori Carter??/Feb/13Battleship Back Cliff
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