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Logbook for Morgan Woods

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Killer Boas22 **Lead RPScottie04/Oct/14Thompsons Point
Boganville21 ***Lead O/SScottie21/Sep/14Boganville
Preying mantle17 *Lead O/SScottie20/Sep/14Centennial Trev
Backtrack20 **Lead O/SScottie13/Jul/14Thompsons Point
Winter Solstice21 *Lead O/SScottie13/Jul/14Thompsons Point
Blue Steel18 *Lead O/SScottie12/Jul/14Thompsons Point
Go Anna18 *Lead O/SScottie12/Jul/14Thompsons Point
You Wish Jellyfish21 **Lead O/SScottie12/Jul/14Thompsons Point
Carnivaughan22 **Lead O/SScottie12/Jul/14Thompsons Point
Daffy22 **Lead RPJess21/Jun/14Bell Crag
How much is a duck worth18 *Lead O/SJess21/Jun/14Bell Crag
Gosling18 *Lead O/SJess21/Jun/14Bell Crag
Jolly good fellow18 *Lead O/SJess15/Jun/14Bardens Lookout
Low22 *Lead RPJess08/Jun/14Bardens Lookout
Changes20 **Lead O/SJess08/Jun/14Bardens Lookout
Mike and Lorna go to town19 **Lead O/SJess08/Jun/14Bardens Lookout
Little Triggers19 **Lead O/SJess08/Jun/14Bardens Lookout
Roy's rectal ring balm16 *Lead O/SScottie27/Jan/14The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
santas little helper15 ***Lead O/SShei26/Jan/14Thompsons Point
Samurai Pizza Catz18 **Lead O/SShei26/Jan/14Thompsons Point
Hang On17 Lead O/SShei26/Jan/14Thompsons Point
Fukdifino22 **Lead O/SScottie24/Jan/14The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Poultry in motion19 **Lead O/SScottie02/Jan/14Medlow Bath
Loki18 ***Lead O/SScottie02/Jan/14Medlow Bath
Radioactive Man20 **Lead O/SScottie02/Jan/14The Sunbath
Schwing18 Lead O/SScottie02/Jan/14The Sunbath
Sweet Dreams15 **AltLdScottie31/Dec/13Sublime Point
Electric Blue19 ***2ndScottie30/Dec/13Bardens Lookout
The Arrow and the Song15 **Lead O/SScottie30/Dec/13Bardens Lookout
Stormin Norman18 **Lead O/SScottie29/Dec/13The Dam Cliff
The Sisters of Fatima16 ***Lead O/SScottie29/Dec/13The Dam Cliff
Jaqueline Hyde24 **Lead RPJulien16/Nov/13Centennial Glen
Uncertainty pleasure22 **Lead O/SJulien10/Nov/13Bomaderry Creek
Violent flemm22 ***Lead O/SJulien27/Oct/13The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Depleted Gonad Circumference18 ***Lead O/SJulien26/Oct/13The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Worm on a razor19 **Lead O/SJulien26/Oct/13The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Backdraft18 *Lead O/SJulien26/Oct/13The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Spoonbender15 Lead O/SAlex Hill29/Sep/13New York
Factotum17 Lead O/SAlex Hill29/Sep/13New York
Illusory19 *Lead O/SAlex Hill29/Sep/13New York
L'Arch17 *Lead O/SJulien22/Sep/13The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Alien Space Monsters19 **Lead O/SJulien22/Sep/13The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Eat My Spinning Blades Of Steel Motherfucker20 **Lead O/SJulien22/Sep/13The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Avocado queens of death22 ***Lead RP 22/Sep/13The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Gently Mine14 **Lead O/SAlex Hill15/Sep/13Mount Boyce
Gates of Janus16 **Lead O/SAlex Hill15/Sep/13Mount Boyce
Baby carrots13 Lead O/SAlex Hill15/Sep/13Mount Boyce
Korca18 **Lead O/SScottie08/Sep/13Thompsons Point
Mosquito Slap21 *Lead O/SScottie08/Sep/13Thompsons Point
Broken And Barbed20 **Lead O/SScottie08/Sep/13Thompsons Point
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