1,117 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Bolt Revolt7a *Lead β03/Oct/15Malham Cove
Soul Switchf6C+ *Sent O/S01/Oct/15Woodwell
Nothing to Say SSf6C Sent01/Oct/15Woodwell
Nothing to Sayf5 5c Sent O/S01/Oct/15Woodwell
Kiss of the Dragonf7B *Sent01/Oct/15Woodwell
Grooved Arete8a+ ***Lead dog26/Sep/15Kilnsey
Imitation ArapilesV4 6a Sent x20/Sep/15Craig y Longridge
The GauntletV5 6b **Sent x20/Sep/15Craig y Longridge
The Motion VectorV6 Sent x20/Sep/15Craig y Longridge
Soft Option8a **Lead RP19/Sep/15Kilnsey
Allakazam6c *Lead β06/Sep/15Kilnsey
Rictus7b *Lead RP31/Aug/15Kilnsey
China Crisis7c+ *Lead RP29/Aug/15Kilnsey
Smeg CityV2 5c Sent23/Aug/15Craig y Longridge
In ExcessV3 ***Sent23/Aug/15Craig y Longridge
Muscles SDSV6 Sent x16/Aug/15Craig y Longridge
Like a Slug but SucksV5 6b *Sent O/S16/Aug/15Craig y Longridge
Slug the ThugV2 5c Sent O/S16/Aug/15Craig y Longridge
Added IncentiveV1 5c Sent O/S16/Aug/15Craig y Longridge
Muscles in their ImaginationV2 6a Sent O/S16/Aug/15Craig y Longridge
Waiting in the Wings SDSV5 *Sent x15/Aug/15Craig y Longridge
Waiting in the WingsV2 5c Sent O/S15/Aug/15Craig y Longridge
South Wall Central7c+ ***Lead RP08/Aug/15Trow Gill
Soft-Zero Option8a **Lead RP20/Jun/15Kilnsey
Zero Option7c+ *Lead RP14/Jun/15Kilnsey
Beef It7b **Lead RP07/Jun/15Chee Dale Upper
Hungry Eyes7a+ **Lead RP07/Jun/15Chee Dale Upper
Bream in Black7a *Lead O/S07/Jun/15Chee Dale Upper
Sticky Wicket7b *Lead rpt04/Jun/15Kilnsey
Sideline7b Lead04/Jun/15Kilnsey
Taking the Mick7a+ **Lead RP30/May/15Kilnsey
Crimps Wallf6C Sent24/May/15Anston Stones Wood
The Wave Directf6B Sent24/May/15Anston Stones Wood
No Circlesf6C Sent24/May/15Anston Stones Wood
Max Pax 'em In7a **Lead RP23/May/15Chee Dale Upper
Max to the Wall7a+ *Lead β23/May/15Chee Dale Upper
Max-a-Million7b **Lead RP23/May/15Chee Dale Upper
Stenna Aretef6B+ Sent20/May/15Eldwick crag
Grow WingsV5 6b Sent17/May/15Craig y Longridge
Connect 48a **TR10/May/15Malham Cove
Pump 'til you JumpV2 5c *Sent07/May/15Craig y Longridge
Mad Aardvark's Tea PartyV3 6a Sent07/May/15Craig y Longridge
Rivendellf6C+ Sent O/S06/May/15Anston Stones Wood
Witches Brew7b **Lead04/May/15Kilnsey
Unnamed 7a - Woody'sf7A Sent25/Apr/15Anston Stones Wood
CD Boulder 24 Problem 4V5 6b+ Sent22/Apr/15Caley Crags
Free and Even Easier7a+ **Lead rpt05/Apr/15Malham Cove
Consenting Adults7a **Lead rpt05/Apr/15Malham Cove
the undercutV2 5c Sent O/S04/Apr/15Wilton 2
camille claudelV2 5c Sent O/S04/Apr/15Wilton 2