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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Cam Crag Ridge2 ***AltLd29/Jul/15Cam Crags
CorvusD ***2nd O/S29/Jul/15Raven Crag, Combe Ghyll
The Inside RouteVD AltLd28/Jul/15Dove Nest Crag, Combe Ghyll
Cam Crag Ridge2 ***Solo O/S25/Jul/15Cam Crags
Woden's Face DirectS 4a *-16/Jul/15Wodens Face
Wimpey WayS **2nd16/Jul/15Wodens Face
Quayfoot ButtressVD **2nd O/S16/Jul/15Quayfoot Buttress
Bowfell ButtressVD ***2nd O/S15/Jul/15Bowfell Buttress
Speckled BandVD *2nd O/S14/Jul/15Raven Crag (Langdale)
Subsidiary RidgeVD **2nd O/S14/Jul/15Raven Crag (Langdale)
Jackdaw Ridge DirectVD **AltLd O/S12/Jul/15Shepherds Crag
Little ChamonixVD ***2nd O/S12/Jul/15Shepherds Crag
Turning the NorthVD *2nd O/S09/Jul/15Shepherds Crag
Kelly's VariationS 4a *2nd O/S07/Jul/15Stanage North
October SlabHS 4b **2nd O/S07/Jul/15Stanage North
Bent CrackHVD **2nd O/S07/Jul/15Stanage North
Autumn GoldHS 4a 2nd O/S07/Jul/15Stanage North
October CrackD **2nd O/S07/Jul/15Stanage North
Kelly's CrackVD **2nd O/S07/Jul/15Stanage North
Miranda's VariationVD 2nd O/S07/Jul/15Stanage North
The Crab CrawlS 4a **2nd O/S07/Jul/15Stanage North
Prospero's ClimbVD **2nd O/S07/Jul/15Stanage North
The ArielVD *2nd O/S07/Jul/15Stanage North
The PinionHVD **2nd O/S07/Jul/15Stanage North
Staircase RibD 2nd O/S06/Jul/15Stanage North
OnoS 4a *2nd O/S06/Jul/15Stanage North
Uno CrackD *2nd O/S06/Jul/15Stanage North
Boyd's CrackVD *2nd O/S06/Jul/15Stanage North
Little SlabVD 2nd O/S06/Jul/15Stanage North
Wobblestone CrackHVD 4a **2nd O/S05/Jul/15Burbage North
Mantelshelf ClimbVD *2nd O/S05/Jul/15Stanage North
It's a CrackerS 4b *2nd O/S05/Jul/15Stanage North
Lost SoulS 2nd O/S05/Jul/15Stanage North
Tango CrackVD *2nd O/S05/Jul/15Stanage North
Route 1S 4a *2nd O/S04/Jul/15Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
Route 2HS 4b **2nd O/S04/Jul/15Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
CharityS *2nd O/S01/Jul/15Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Grooved ArÍteHVD 4a ***2nd O/S30/Jun/15Tryfan (East Face)
Leaning Buttress CrackVD **2nd O/S24/Jun/15Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's CrackHVD 4a **2nd O/S24/Jun/15Stanage Popular
Soft ShoeHS 4c 2nd O/S24/Jun/15Stanage Popular
ShuffleVD 2nd O/S24/Jun/15Stanage Popular
PhysiologyVD *2nd O/S24/Jun/15Stanage Popular
AnatomyVD 2nd O/S24/Jun/15Stanage Popular
Grotto SlabD *2nd O/S24/Jun/15Stanage Popular
Heaven CrackVD ***2nd O/S23/Jun/15Stanage Popular
Right Twin ChimneyVD **2nd O/S23/Jun/15Stanage Popular
Crack and CaveVD **2nd O/S23/Jun/15Stanage Popular
Wall End CrackS 4a 2nd O/S23/Jun/15Stanage Plantation
Crack and CornerS 4b ***2nd O/S23/Jun/15Stanage Popular