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NameStyleDate Crag name
Honey CombSent O/S28/Dec/14Almscliff
Matterhorn Ridge LH startSent x28/Dec/14Almscliff
Demon Wall RoofSent x06/Dec/14Almscliff
Horror AreteSent x02/Nov/14Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Arete across gap from Horror AreteSent O/S02/Nov/14Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Morris MinorSent O/S19/Oct/14Caley Crags
Morris CrackSent O/S19/Oct/14Caley Crags
ChipsSent O/S19/Oct/14Caley Crags
Courser EdgeSent O/S19/Oct/14Caley Crags
Otley WallSent O/S19/Oct/14Caley Crags
Chicken HeadsSent O/S19/Oct/14Caley Crags
The Neat Wall SitterSent x19/Oct/14Caley Crags
Neat Wall AreteSent x19/Oct/14Caley Crags
The GrooveSent x19/Oct/14Caley Crags
The Thin SlabSent x19/Oct/14Caley Crags
Right WallSent x19/Oct/14Caley Crags
Forked Lightning CrackSent x19/Oct/14Caley Crags
Morrell's Wall TraverseSent O/S27/Sep/14Almscliff
Morrell's WallSent x27/Sep/14Almscliff
Fall InSent x27/Sep/14Almscliff
Overhanging NoseSent O/S27/Sep/14Almscliff
Hanging RibSent x27/Sep/14Almscliff
Rib RightSent O/S27/Sep/14Almscliff
Pork Chop SlabSent O/S27/Sep/14Almscliff
The Hillary StepSent O/S27/Sep/14Almscliff
The Flying AreteSent O/S27/Sep/14Almscliff
Matterhorn RidgeSent O/S27/Sep/14Almscliff
Dolphin Belly SlapSent x27/Sep/14Almscliff
Pebble WallSent x27/Sep/14Almscliff
Begozi and the Ledge LizardsLead O/S18/May/14Malham Cove
SycophantsLead dog18/May/14Malham Cove
Rose CoronaryLead dnf18/May/14Malham Cove
Dolphin Belly SlapSent x29/Mar/14Almscliff
The Flying AreteSent x29/Mar/14Almscliff
Pebble WallSent x29/Mar/14Almscliff
Hanging RibSent x27/Nov/13Almscliff
Rib RightSent x27/Nov/13Almscliff
CD 5 Problem 8 - Flying Arete Slab EliminateSent O/S27/Nov/13Almscliff
Keel CrackSent x27/Nov/13Almscliff
Matterhorn Ridge RHSSent O/S27/Nov/13Almscliff
Pocket WallSolo O/S30/Jun/13Hobson Moor Quarry
Amphitheatre ClimbSolo O/S30/Jun/13Hobson Moor Quarry
The Harp2nd O/S30/Jun/13Hobson Moor Quarry
Crew's Route2nd O/S30/Jun/13Hobson Moor Quarry
GideonLead O/S30/Jun/13Hobson Moor Quarry
Parker's EliminateLead O/S30/Jun/13Hobson Moor Quarry
Gideonite2nd O/S30/Jun/13Hobson Moor Quarry
Grain of SandSolo O/S30/Jun/13Hobson Moor Quarry
Heather CornerSolo O/S30/Jun/13Hobson Moor Quarry
Ledge WaySolo O/S30/Jun/13Hobson Moor Quarry
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