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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Razor Roof f6C * - 22/Nov/15 Cratcliffe Tor
Dry Wit in a Wet Country f7A+ * - 22/Nov/15 Robin Hood's Stride
The Cave Problem f7A *** - 22/Nov/15 Robin Hood's Stride
Tonge 7a *** Lead β ?/Oct/15 Summertime
Kalymnos Friends 7b+ ** Lead β ?/Oct/15 Summertime
Bourre Mais pas Pleine 7b+ *** Lead β ?/Oct/15 Secret Garden
Adolflahaut 7a+ *** Lead β ?/Oct/15 Secret Garden
Pomponpidoux 7b *** Lead β ?/Oct/15 Secret Garden
Chnosi Family 7a *** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Grande Grotta Area
Steinpilz 7a *** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Grande Grotta Area
Cyclops 6c *** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Grande Grotta Area
The Shield 7b+ *** Lead β ?/Oct/15 Spartacus Area
Les Amazones 6c *** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Spartacus Area
Gladiator 7a+ *** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Spartacus Area
Facetelendos 6b+ ** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Symplegades
Ourania 8a *** Lead RP ?/Oct/15 Symplegades
Atena 6b *** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Odyssey
Dionysos 7a *** Lead β ?/Oct/15 Odyssey
Alfredo Alfredo 7b+ *** Lead β ?/Oct/15 Odyssey
Daphne 7b *** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Odyssey
Meltemi 7a+ ** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Odyssey
Satyros 6c+ ** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Odyssey
Pterodactyl 6b+ *** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Spartacus Area
Pegasus 7a ** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Spartacus Area
Kalypige 6c+ *** Lead O/S ?/Oct/15 Grande Grotta Area