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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Sicklef7A SentBobby Gowdy??/Sep/14Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Hard Shellf6C SentRuss??/Jul/14Shaftoe Crags
Shoulders of Giants Dynof7A Sent ??/Jul/14Bowden Doors
On the Reboundf7A *SentBobby Gowdy??/Jul/14The Bowderstone
The Edgef6A SentBobby Gowdy??/Jul/14Shaftoe Crags
Playing Rudiesf7A+ **SentRuss??/Jul/14Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Cave Dwellerf7A+ SentRuss??/Jun/14Shaftoe Crags
Thin Edge Wallf6A SentRach??/May/14Rothley Crag
Whisky Galoref7A ***SentRuss??/Apr/14Brimham Rocks
Cleft Dynof7A 6b *SentRuss??/Apr/14Brimham Rocks
Prime Time SSf7B+ ***Sent ??/Feb/14Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Magic Leapf6A+ Sent ??/Feb/14Back Bowden Doors
Toff's Jumpf7A SentBobby Gowdy??/Feb/14Bowden Doors
Pearler Left Handf7A **Sent ??/Jan/14Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Cruella de Vilf6C Sent ??/Jan/14Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Crash 'n' GurnV6 6b SentBobby Gowdy??/Jan/14Burbage South Valley Boulders
The Hanging RibV4 6b **SentBobby Gowdy??/Jan/14Burbage North
Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxyf7A+ ***Sent ??/Dec/13Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Broken Hearts Are For Assholesf7A+ Sent ??/Nov/13Shaftoe Crags
Aretef6A Sentdave??/Oct/13Hepburn
Sandy Aretef5+ Sentdave??/Oct/13Hepburn
Bowderiserf7A SentBobby Gowdy??/Oct/13The Bowderstone
The Crack Super Directf7A **SentBobby Gowdy??/Oct/13The Bowderstone
Short AreteV3 6a SentBobby Gowdy??/Sep/13Almscliff
Morrell's Wall Traversef7A *SentBobby Gowdy??/Sep/13Almscliff
Matterhorn Ridgef5 *SentBobby Gowdy??/Sep/13Almscliff
Magic Flutingf5 Sentdave??/Aug/13Shaftoe Crags
Stu's Variationf7A -mantle87??/Aug/13Bowden Doors
Manta LHf7B SentRach??/Jul/13Bowden Doors
Little Pixiesf7A *SentBobby Gowdy??/Jul/13Back Bowden Doors
Morgan (start only)f6B *SentBobby Gowdy??/Jul/13Back Bowden Doors
Blow Yer Ballastf6B **Sentdave, Bobby Gowdy??/Jul/13Kentmere Boulders
The Wayf6A *-dave, Bobby Gowdy??/Jul/13Kentmere Boulders
Sheep Fliesf4+ Sentdave, Bobby Gowdy??/Jul/13Kentmere Boulders
Problem 10f3+ *Sent O/S ??/Jul/13Kentmere Boulders
Problem 9f4+ Sent O/S ??/Jul/13Kentmere Boulders
Clamperf7A+ SentBobby Gowdy??/Jul/13Shaftoe Crags
Short Crackf4+ SentBobby Gowdy??/Jul/13Shaftoe Crags
Cuvierf6A SentBobby Gowdy??/Jul/13Shaftoe Crags
Kof7A SentBobby Gowdy??/Jun/13La Canche aux Merciers
Danger Majeur (Red 10)f6A SentBobby Gowdy??/Jun/13La Roche aux Sabots
Danger Majeur Assisf7A **SentBobby Gowdy??/Jun/13La Roche aux Sabots
Cassie Croute Dynof7A+ *SentBobby Gowdy??/Jun/13Franchard Isatis
L'Obliquef7A **SentBobby Gowdy??/Jun/13La Roche aux Sabots
Bouddha assisf6B SentBobby Gowdy??/Jun/13Franchard Isatis
No Mojof6C SentBobby Gowdy??/Jun/13La Roche aux Sabots
La Voie Michaud (Black 22)f6C **-Bobby Gowdy??/Jun/13L'Elephant
La Zip Zut (without boss)f6B *SentBobby Gowdy??/Jun/13Franchard Isatis
La Coquillef6C SentBobby Gowdy??/Jun/13Franchard Hautes-Plaines
La Power-Lolotte / le Surplomb Statiquef6A+ **SentBobby Gowdy??/Jun/13Franchard Isatis
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