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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Sea UrchinHS 4b AltLd O/S24/Apr/11Logie Head
Spread the DonkeyVS 4c AltLd O/S24/Apr/11Logie Head
Cullenary DelightVS 5a ***AltLd O/S24/Apr/11Logie Head
Fisherman's TailHS AltLd O/S24/Apr/11Logie Head
Sandy CrackE1 5b *AltLd O/S24/Apr/11Logie Head
The ClamD AltLd O/S24/Apr/11Logie Head
Fat ChickHVS 5a *AltLd O/S24/Apr/11Logie Head
Findlater RibVD AltLd O/S24/Apr/11Logie Head
Black HoleD *AltLd O/S24/Apr/11Logie Head
Brittle StarHS AltLd O/S24/Apr/11Logie Head
FianchettoHVS 5b *AltLd O/S24/Apr/11Logie Head
Bladder WrackS 4b AltLd O/S23/Apr/11Logie Head
Pinkerton's CornerS AltLd10/Apr/11Neilston Quarry
Corner AreteS AltLd10/Apr/11Neilston Quarry
Kristeen's CrackVD *AltLd10/Apr/11Neilston Quarry
WhimperS Lead O/S24/Sep/10Auchinstarry Quarry
Slinky LizardHS 4b *2nd O/S24/Sep/10Auchinstarry Quarry
Promontory DirectHVS 5a ***2nd β24/Sep/10Auchinstarry Quarry
Fish Head AreteVD *Solo O/S08/Aug/10Hawkcraig
AsinineVS 5a **AltLd08/Aug/10Hawkcraig
Pain PillarVS 4c ***2nd O/S08/Aug/10Hawkcraig
TormentHS 2nd O/S08/Aug/10Hawkcraig
BulgyVS 4b *AltLd O/S03/Aug/10Coire an Lochain (Cairngorm)
Savage SlitS ***AltLd O/S03/Aug/10Coire an Lochain (Cairngorm)
Pulpit AreteS ***AltLd28/Jul/10Loudoun Hill
Mantelshelf WallVS 4c **AltLd28/Jul/10Loudoun Hill
Kestrel CrackS *AltLd O/S23/Jun/10Dunkeld, Craig a Barns
Holly Tree GrooveVD **AltLd O/S23/Jun/10Dunkeld, Craig a Barns
The CreepS *AltLd O/S23/Jun/10Dunkeld, Craig a Barns
Cuticle CrackS **AltLd O/S23/Jun/10Dunkeld, Craig a Barns
GuanoVS 5a **AltLd O/S19/Jun/10Hawkcraig
CrusaderHS AltLd O/S19/Jun/10Hawkcraig
DipteraVS 4c AltLd O/S19/Jun/10Hawkcraig
EscalatorVD *AltLd O/S19/Jun/10Hawkcraig
TrundleVS 4c **2nd rpt12/Jun/10Auchinstarry Quarry
ScreamS 4b 2nd rpt12/Jun/10Auchinstarry Quarry
Juggy CrackVD Lead O/S05/Jun/10Neilston Quarry
Strawberry DirectE2 6a *Lead O/S05/Jun/10Neilston Quarry
Strawberry CrackS **Lead O/S05/Jun/10Neilston Quarry
Intrusion LineVD Lead O/S04/Jun/10Neilston Quarry
Curving CrackHVS 5a *Lead O/S04/Jun/10Neilston Quarry
Easy GullyD Solo RP25/May/10Neilston Quarry
B.N.IS Solo RP25/May/10Neilston Quarry
Broken AreteVD Solo RP25/May/10Neilston Quarry
Flake RouteVD *Lead O/S12/May/10Neilston Quarry
Pinkerton's CornerS Lead O/S12/May/10Neilston Quarry
Corner AreteS Lead O/S12/May/10Neilston Quarry
Kristeen's CrackVD *Lead O/S12/May/10Neilston Quarry
Access RouteD ***TR rpt04/May/10Auchinstarry Quarry
ScreamS 4b TR rpt04/May/10Auchinstarry Quarry