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NameStyleDate Crag name
Sinner's RouteSolo O/S15/Aug/14Sennen
Bosigran Ridge a.k.a Commando RidgeSolo rpt10/Aug/14Bosigran Ridge Area
CharitySolo rpt20/Jul/14Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Chimney CrackLead rpt19/Jul/14Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Crack 4Solo rpt19/Jul/14Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Crack 1Solo O/S19/Jul/14Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Slab 1Solo O/S19/Jul/14Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
High Neb Buttress2nd O/S22/Sep/13Stanage North
Norse Corner ClimbLead rpt22/Sep/13Stanage North
Crack and CaveAltLd O/S21/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Martello ButtressLead O/S21/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Goliath's GrooveLead O/S21/Sep/13Stanage Plantation
Small CrackSolo O/S21/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Bridge's Variation2nd O/S21/Sep/13Stanage Plantation
Mantelpiece CrackSolo O/S21/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Button WallSolo O/S21/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Monkey WallSolo rpt18/Aug/13Burbage North
Wednesday ClimbLead O/S18/Aug/13Burbage North
Overhanging Buttress DirectSolo rpt18/Aug/13Burbage North
Overhanging Buttress AreteSolo O/S18/Aug/13Burbage North
Ad InfinitumSolo O/S18/Aug/13Burbage North
Burgess ButtressSolo O/S18/Aug/13Burbage North
Burgess St.Solo O/S18/Aug/13Burbage North
Moss WallSolo O/S31/May/13Stone Farm
Traverse and CrackSolo O/S31/May/13Stone Farm
Traverse and Crack - Pocketed DepressionSolo O/S31/May/13Stone Farm
Traverse and Crack - Right AreteSolo O/S31/May/13Stone Farm
Bulging CornerSolo O/S31/May/13Stone Farm
Dinosaurs Don't DynoSolo O/S31/May/13Stone Farm
Gap TraverseSolo O/S31/May/13Stone Farm
SE Corner CrackSolo O/S31/May/13Stone Farm
Medway SlabSolo O/S31/May/13Stone Farm
Ashdown WallSolo rpt31/May/13Stone Farm
Chimney CrackSolo O/S22/Jul/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Central Slab RouteLead O/S22/Jul/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Right RibSolo β22/Jul/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Lightning Wall2nd O/S23/Jun/12Boulder Ruckle
The Heidelberg CreatureAltLd O/S23/Jun/12Boulder Ruckle
AventuraAltLd O/S27/May/12Boulder Ruckle
Finale Groove2nd O/S27/May/12Boulder Ruckle
Angle CrackSolo O/S11/Dec/11Rivelin Edge
Trapeze2nd O/S10/Dec/11Froggatt Edge
GammaLead O/S10/Dec/11Froggatt Edge
MendesAltLd O/S18/Sep/11Raven Crag (Langdale)
Holly Tree TraverseAltLd O/S18/Sep/11Raven Crag (Langdale)
Middlefell ButtressAltLd O/S17/Sep/11Raven Crag (Langdale)
Stepped Crack2nd O/S23/Jul/11Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Right RibSolo O/S23/Jul/11Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Spiral StairsAltLd O/S14/May/11Dinas Cromlech
Dives/Better ThingsAltLd O/S14/May/11Dinas Cromlech
Central Gully Left BranchAltLd O/S02/Jan/11Great End (Sprinkling Tarn)
South East GullyAltLd O/S02/Jan/11Great End (Sprinkling Tarn)
Bowfell ButtressAltLd O/S27/Jun/10Bowfell Buttress
North West Arete2nd O/S26/Jun/10Gimmer Crag
The CrackAltLd O/S26/Jun/10Gimmer Crag
Kipling GrooveAltLd β26/Jun/10Gimmer Crag
White Ghyll WallAltLd O/S25/Jun/10White Ghyll
The Gordian KnotAltLd O/S25/Jun/10White Ghyll
The North Ridge (Winter)Solo21/Feb/10Tryfan
Ladies' GullyAltLd O/S20/Feb/10Clogwyn y Garnedd
Cave GullyAltLd O/S20/Feb/10Clogwyn y Garnedd
EclairTR dog06/Dec/09Lawrencefield
NovaLead O/S06/Dec/09Lawrencefield
Slab Recess DirectLead rpt05/Dec/09Froggatt Edge
Slab Recess2nd O/S05/Dec/09Froggatt Edge
Allen's SlabLead rpt05/Dec/09Froggatt Edge
Trapeze Direct2nd rpt05/Dec/09Froggatt Edge
Brown's Eliminate2nd dog05/Dec/09Froggatt Edge
Original RouteAltLd O/S06/Jun/09Old Man of Stoer
SpantasticAltLd O/S04/Jun/09Flodigarry
Cioch GullyAltLd O/S03/Jun/09Sron na Ciche
Cuillin Ridge Traverse-01/Jun/09Cuillin Ridge (Traverse)
Mallory's Slab and GrooveAltLd O/S31/May/09Sron na Ciche
West Central Gully and Arete ClimbAltLd O/S31/May/09Sron na Ciche
Right Corner2nd O/S12/Apr/09Little Tor
Inaccessible GullyAltLd O/S08/Feb/09Dove Crag (Dovedale)
Arete des CosmiquesAltLd rpt21/Jul/07Aiguille du Midi
Contamine-MazeaudAltLd dnf21/Jul/07Mont Blanc du Tacul
Papillons RidgeAltLd O/S17/Jul/07Aiguille du Peigne
Open ChimneySolo O/S02/May/07Harrisons Rocks
Slab (a.k.a. Diabollickal Crack)Solo O/S02/May/07Harrisons Rocks
CarreraLead02/May/07Harrisons Rocks
Root Route 3Lead02/May/07Harrisons Rocks
Brindle CrackLead O/S29/Apr/07Curbar Edge
Flying Buttress Right2nd rpt29/Apr/07Curbar Edge
P.M.C.12nd O/S29/Apr/07Curbar Edge
October Crack2nd O/S29/Apr/07Curbar Edge
Shallow Chimney2nd O/S29/Apr/07Curbar Edge
Grey FaceLead O/S29/Apr/07Curbar Edge
Thirst for GloryTR dog29/Apr/07Curbar Edge
Pale ComplexionLead O/S29/Apr/07Curbar Edge
Flying ButtressLead rpt29/Apr/07Curbar Edge
Pinnacle ChimneySolo O/S18/Apr/07Stone Farm
Central JordanSolo O/S18/Apr/07Stone Farm
Open ChimneySolo O/S18/Apr/07Stone Farm
Introductory ClimbSolo O/S18/Apr/07Stone Farm
Key WallLead O/S18/Apr/07Stone Farm
Bulging WallLead O/S18/Apr/07Stone Farm
Ashdown WallLead O/S18/Apr/07Stone Farm
Chapelle de la Gliere (aka SSE Arête)Lead dnf05/Jul/06Aiguilles Rouges
Ryan-Lochmatter Route (East Ridge)AltLd O/S01/Jul/06Aiguille du Plan
Potter's WallLead O/S14/May/06Curbar Edge
Wall ClimbLead O/S14/May/06Curbar Edge
Calver Wall2nd O/S14/May/06Curbar Edge
Flying Buttress2nd O/S14/May/06Curbar Edge
Flying Buttress Right2nd O/S14/May/06Curbar Edge
Route 22nd O/S23/Apr/06Burbage North
Cranberry CrackSolo O/S23/Apr/06Burbage North
Little PlumbSolo O/S23/Apr/06Burbage North
SteptoeSolo O/S23/Apr/06Burbage North
Monkey CornerLead O/S23/Apr/06Burbage North
Monkey WallSolo O/S23/Apr/06Burbage North
Overhanging Buttress DirectLead O/S23/Apr/06Burbage North
20 Foot CrackLead O/S23/Apr/06Burbage North
Soft Option2nd O/S22/Apr/06Froggatt Edge
Four Pebble SlabTR O/S22/Apr/06Froggatt Edge
Solomon's Crack2nd rpt22/Apr/06Froggatt Edge
North Climb2nd rpt22/Apr/06Froggatt Edge
Grey SlabLead O/S22/Apr/06Froggatt Edge
Holly GrooveLead rpt22/Apr/06Froggatt Edge
Hawk's Nest CrackLead rpt22/Apr/06Froggatt Edge
Crack and Corner2nd O/S21/Apr/06Stanage Popular
Squalid Walid and the Druze BluesTR dnf16/Oct/05Dancing Ledge
Date with a FrogTR O/S16/Oct/05Dancing Ledge
Borra RingLead RP16/Oct/05Dancing Ledge
PuffinLead O/S15/Oct/05Subluminal
SuspensionLead O/S15/Oct/05Subluminal
Curving CrackLead O/S15/Oct/05Subluminal
Double ChockstoneLead O/S15/Oct/05Subluminal
Slip RoadLead O/S15/Oct/05Subluminal
Balcony2nd rpt15/Oct/05Subluminal
The Ordinary RouteLead O/S18/Sep/05Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Great SlabAltLd O/S17/Sep/05Clogwyn Du'r Arddu (Cloggy)
Back StreetLead O/S23/Jul/05Subluminal
Botany BayLead O/S23/Jul/05Subluminal
First Corner2nd O/S23/Jul/05Subluminal
Pedestal CrackSolo O/S23/Jul/05Subluminal
BalconyLead rpt23/Jul/05Subluminal
DongAltLd O/S15/May/05Bosigran
Big TopLead O/S14/May/05Bosigran
Land's End Long ClimbAltLd O/S13/May/05Lands End
The ScreenAltLd O/S26/Feb/05Devils Kitchen (Cwm Idwal) -...
South GullyAltLd O/S26/Feb/05Devils Kitchen (Cwm Idwal) -...
Eliminate 'A'Lead O/S16/May/04Dow Crag
Trident Route2nd O/S15/May/04Dow Crag
Gordon and Craig's RouteLead O/S15/May/04Dow Crag
Central ChimneyAltLd O/S15/May/04Dow Crag
Abraham's RouteAltLd O/S15/May/04Dow Crag
JomoAltLd O/S14/May/04Trowbarrow
Jean JeanieLead rpt14/May/04Trowbarrow