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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Hargreaves' Original RouteVS 4c ***Lead O/Skwaidy12/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Flying ButtressHVD ***Lead O/Skwaidy12/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Right-hand Buttress DirectHS 4a ***Lead O/Skwaidy12/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Inverted VVS 4b ***2ndkwaidy12/Oct/14Stanage Popular
April CrackHS 4b ***2nd 12/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Agony CrackHVS 5a **2nd dogkwaidy12/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Heather WallVS 4c **2ndkwaidy27/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Manchester ButtressHS 4b ***Lead O/Skwaidy27/Sep/14Stanage Popular
The NoseVS 4b **Lead O/Skwaidy27/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Central TrinityVS 4c ***2ndkwaidy27/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Castle CrackHS 4b **2ndkwaidy27/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Narrow ButtressVS 4c **Lead O/Skwaidy27/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Altar CrackVS 4c ***2ndkwaidy30/Aug/14Rivelin Edge
Croton OilHVS 5a ***Lead O/Skwaidy30/Aug/14Rivelin Edge
Face Climb No. 2VS 4c 2ndkwaidy30/Aug/14Rivelin Edge
Oliver's TwistVS 4b *Lead O/Skwaidy30/Aug/14Rivelin Edge
FumfVS 5a *2ndkwaidy30/Aug/14Rivelin Edge
Moss Side/Chips and PeasVS 4b Lead O/Skwaidy30/Aug/14Rivelin Edge
Capped RibV3 6a Sent 20/Aug/14Burbage North
Two Pocket SitterV3 6a Sent 20/Aug/14Burbage North
MealystophelesVS 5a *AltLd O/Skwaidy16/Aug/14Ravensdale
Central WallVS 4b ***Lead O/Skwaidy20/Jul/14Beeston Tor (Manifold Valley)
NettlerashHS 4a *2ndkwaidy20/Jul/14Aldery Cliff
Ash Tree SlabHS 4a *Lead O/Skwaidy20/Jul/14Aldery Cliff
The Nonsense Man StartHS 5a *TRkwaidy20/Jul/14Aldery Cliff
Elbow RidgeD *AltLd O/Skwaidy24/May/14Winnats Pass
Grindsbrook Clough1 -kwaidy26/Apr/14Kinder Southern Edges
Ash CrackVS 4b **2ndkwaidy01/Mar/14Ravensdale
Torpedo TubeHVD 4a Solo O/S 17/Dec/13Birchen Edge
The ChainS 4a *Solo O/S 17/Dec/13Birchen Edge
The PromenadeD **Solo O/S 17/Dec/13Birchen Edge
Great HarryVS 4c ***2nd rptkwaidy15/Dec/13Lawrencefield
Three Tree ClimbHS 4b ***Lead rptkwaidy15/Dec/13Lawrencefield
Once Pegged WallVS 5a *2ndkwaidy15/Dec/13Lawrencefield
Limpopo GrooveVS 4b *Lead rptkwaidy15/Dec/13Lawrencefield
GingerbreadVS 4c *2nd rptkwaidy15/Dec/13Lawrencefield
MeringueHVS 5a *Lead rptkwaidy15/Dec/13Lawrencefield
Amazon Crack (Burbage)VS 4b ***Leadkwaidy07/Dec/13Burbage North
The MallVS 4c ***2ndkwaidy21/Sep/13Millstone Edge
Covent GardenVS 4b **Lead O/Skwaidy21/Sep/13Millstone Edge
The Great SlabHS 4b **Leadkwaidy21/Sep/13Millstone Edge
EarthaHS 4b **2ndkwaidy21/Sep/13Millstone Edge
Embankment 2VS 4c **2nd dogkwaidy21/Sep/13Millstone Edge
Long ClimbS 4a ***AltLd O/Skwaidy10/Aug/13Laddow Rocks
Leaf ButtressVS 4c **AltLd O/Skwaidy10/Aug/13Laddow Rocks
Tower FaceVS 5a ***Lead O/Skwaidy10/Aug/13Laddow Rocks
PadmeHVS 5a *TRMike Sender, Mike Traxion06/Aug/13Stoney Middleton
What the HellVS 4b *TRMike Sender, Mike Traxion06/Aug/13Stoney Middleton
The GymnicHVS 5a *TRMike Sender, Mike Traxion30/Jul/13Ravensdale
Chee Tor GirdleVS 5a ***AltLd O/Skwaidy27/Jul/13Chee Dale Lower
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