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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Crouching Tigerf7B+ **Sent x 30/Aug/14Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Toit du cul du loup assisf7A ***Sent xTeam Inane chat??/Aug/14Annot
Panoramixf7A ***Sent xTeam Inane chat??/Aug/14Annot
Pates a la daubef7A *Sent xTeam Inane chat??/Aug/14Annot
Toit du Cul du Loupf6C **Sent xTeam Inane chat??/Aug/14Annot
Cartondulef7A **Sent xTeam Inane chat??/Aug/14Annot
Psylo Addictf7A ***Sent xTeam Inane chat??/Aug/14Annot
La Sylvanadef7B *Sent xTeam Inane chat??/Aug/14Annot
Capoeiraf7B **Sent xTeam Inane chat??/Aug/14Annot
Pate a la Daubef7A *Sent xTeam Inane chat??/Aug/14Annot
Trollonie de Vacancesf7A ***Sent xTeam Inane chat??/Aug/14Annot
Le Toit du cul du loop low startf7B Sent xTeam Inane chat??/Aug/14Annot
The Pit Problemf7B *Sent xChoady, Johnnie Bean29/Jun/14Trowbarrow
Ned's Problemf7B *Sent xChoady, Johnnie Bean29/Jun/14Trowbarrow
Sabotagef8A ***Sent xChoady, Johnnie Bean03/May/14Dumbarton Rock
Spam Daggerf8A *Sent xHolly, Choady, Johnnie Bean18/Apr/14Dumbarton Rock
El Esquinazof6C Sent O/SChoady06/Apr/14Albarracin
El Ejecutorf7A Sent xChoady06/Apr/14Albarracin
LAF-B3-L10f6B Sent βChoady06/Apr/14Albarracin
LAF-B3-L12f6C Sent βChoady06/Apr/14Albarracin
Palpantf7B+ *Sent xChoady05/Apr/14Albarracin
Pilas Chinas Directf6B+ Sent βChoady05/Apr/14Albarracin
Pilas Chinasf6B+ Sent βChoady05/Apr/14Albarracin
Pilas Hacendadof7A Sent xChoady05/Apr/14Albarracin
El Plus del Autobesf6C+ Sent βChoady05/Apr/14Albarracin
El Plus del Autobes (sit)f7B Sent xChoady05/Apr/14Albarracin
Zarzamora (sit)f8A Sent xChoady04/Apr/14Albarracin
Zarzamoraf7A Sent βChoady02/Apr/14Albarracin
Aerolinef7B+ Sent xChoady02/Apr/14Albarracin
Eclipse (Almenara Style)f7B **Sent xChoady01/Apr/14Albarracin
El ChimpancÚf6B Sent βChoady01/Apr/14Albarracin
Gorillazf7A+ *Sent xChoady01/Apr/14Albarracin
Quebrantamentesf7A Sent xChoady01/Apr/14Albarracin
Quebrantamentes (sit)f7B+ Sent xChoady01/Apr/14Albarracin
Zig Zagf7A ***Sent xChoady31/Mar/14Albarracin
Techo de Menosf6C ***Sent xChoady31/Mar/14Albarracin
Dan's WallV8 **Sent xTeam Inane chat23/Nov/13Carrock Fell crag
Toccami Tuttaf7A+ Sent βTeam Inane chat01/Nov/13Cresciano
Voci dalla Cantinaf7B+ **Sent xTeam Inane chat01/Nov/13Cresciano
Komilatorf8A **Sent xTeam Inane chat31/Oct/13Chironico
Auto Pilotf7B ***Sent xTeam Inane chat31/Oct/13Chironico
Area ?: Auto Pilotf7B+ ***Sent xTeam Inane chat31/Oct/13Chironico
Tomahawkf7B Sent xTeam Inane chat30/Oct/13Chironico
Area Border Line: Border Linef7A Sent xTeam Inane chat30/Oct/13Chironico
Bella Gnoccaf7B **Sent xTeam Inane chat30/Oct/13Chironico
Area Doctor Med: Doctor Med Dentf7B ***Sent xTeam Inane chat29/Oct/13Chironico
Area Nivo Bassa: Swinger Clubf7A+ Sent xTeam Inane chat28/Oct/13Chironico
Area Nivo Bassa: Hopperf7A Sent xTeam Inane chat28/Oct/13Chironico
Area Nivo Bassa: Triadef7A Sent xTeam Inane chat28/Oct/13Chironico
Vitruvian Manf7C ***Sent xTeam Inane chat28/Oct/13Chironico
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