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NameStyleDate Crag name
NipperLead rpt27/May/14Hanois Cliff
The PorgTR rpt20/May/14Red Crag - La Corbiere
Amber GamblerLead O/S13/May/14Icart Chateau (Goat crags...
La surprise du ChefLead dog27/Aug/13Mortain
La NormaleLead O/S27/Aug/13Mortain
L'arete du Grand CouloirLead O/S27/Aug/13Mortain
Les ChoucasTR dog27/Aug/13Mortain
Trouble with Lichen2nd O/S20/Aug/13Icart Chateau (Goat crags...
BlogLead rpt13/Aug/13Martello Wall
Left Fork2nd rpt16/Jul/13Bicycle Wall
Billy The Kid2nd rpt13/Jul/13Icart Chateau (Goat crags...
Smaug2nd O/S13/Jul/13Icart Chateau (Goat crags...
Billy The KidLead O/S09/Jul/13Icart Chateau (Goat crags...
Breezy2nd O/S09/Jul/13Icart Chateau (Goat crags...
Boulder Gully2nd rpt18/Jun/13Red Crag - La Corbiere
Cane BloblyLead O/S11/Jun/13Castello dell'iride
Louis ArmstrongLead O/S11/Jun/13Castello dell'iride
GotenLead O/S10/Jun/13Castello dell'iride
GhoanLead O/S10/Jun/13Castello dell'iride
Goku SS 3Lead O/S10/Jun/13Castello dell'iride
SupergulpLead O/S10/Jun/13Castello dell'iride
BruttaLead dog08/Jun/13Il Castello (Jerzu)
SuinaltoLead O/S08/Jun/13Il Castello (Jerzu)
Riposa in PaceLead O/S08/Jun/13Il Castello (Jerzu)
GavinedduLead O/S08/Jun/13Ulassai Canyon
1, 2 DonneLead O/S08/Jun/13Ulassai Canyon
Hotel Su MarmuriLead dog08/Jun/13Ulassai Canyon
Mind The GapTR O/S08/Jun/13Il Castello (Jerzu)
GentilesLead O/S06/Jun/13Porto Santa Maria
ArreyultaLead O/S06/Jun/13Porto Santa Maria
kaddosbirdesLead O/S06/Jun/13Porto Santa Maria
su mommottiTR O/S06/Jun/13Porto Santa Maria
The Sound of SilenceLead O/S05/Jun/13Surtana
AnniversarioLead O/S03/Jun/13Monte Scoine
Primo LavoroLead O/S03/Jun/13Monte Scoine
MobbingLead dog03/Jun/13Monte Scoine
Via Ferrata Cabirol-31/May/13Capo Caccia
Massalia-??/Apr/13Grande Grotta
Archilles HeelTR rpt02/Dec/12West Wall - Icart Point
Pretty in Pink2nd rpt02/Dec/12West Wall - Icart Point
Steps-??/Aug/12Rocquaine Sea Wall
The Chimney the hard way (left)Lead dnf24/Jul/12Small Wall
Double G2nd O/S24/Jul/12Small Wall
Bridgeit the MidgetLead rpt17/Jul/12Hanois Cliff
BullseyeTR rpt10/Jul/12Bicycle Wall
Saturn2nd rpt19/Jun/12Les Grandes Cotils
After the Gold-rush2nd dog12/Jun/12Gull Zawn
Left Fork2nd rpt15/May/12Bicycle Wall
Pretty in PinkLead rpt24/Apr/12West Wall - Icart Point
Gluteus MaximusTR O/S22/Apr/12Gaul Wall