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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Aretef6A **Sent rpt 19/Oct/14Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)
The Buzzf7B ***Sent rpt 19/Oct/14Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)
The Pitf7A ***Sent rpt 19/Oct/14Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)
The Painf7A ***Sent rpt 19/Oct/14Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)
Pendulum Finishf6A Sent rpt 19/Oct/14Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)
Pendulum Finish Block Startf6A+ *Sent rpt 19/Oct/14Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)
PeapodHVS 5b **Solo O/S 12/Oct/14Long Haven Quarries
Sea-ScoopVS 4c *Solo O/S 12/Oct/14Long Haven Quarries
Gies a SquidE7 6c **TR RP 12/Oct/14Long Haven Quarries
PhaffS ***Lead O/SDonna11/Oct/14Red Wall
Pooh CornerHVS 5b **Lead O/SDonna11/Oct/14Red Wall
SublineE3 5c ***Lead O/SDonna11/Oct/14Red Wall
Shrinking VioletE4 6a *Lead O/SDonna11/Oct/14Red Wall
King CrimsonVS 4c *Lead O/SDonna11/Oct/14Red Wall
Lunatic FringeE7 6c ***Lead RPDayni_01/Oct/14South Cove
Promontory TraverseS **Solo O/S 30/Sep/14Promontory Wall
Sole FusionE1 5b **Solo O/S 30/Sep/14Promontory Wall
Sole MateE2 5b **Solo O/S 30/Sep/14Promontory Wall
Last GrooveHVS 5a **Solo O/S 30/Sep/14Promontory Wall
Fat ChickHVS 5a *Solo O/S 30/Sep/14Logie Head
Sea AnemoneE1 5b ***Solo O/S 30/Sep/14Logie Head
Anti-MatterHS Solo O/S 30/Sep/14Logie Head
Black HoleD *Solo O/S 30/Sep/14Logie Head
Brittle StarHS Solo O/S 30/Sep/14Logie Head
Fading StarHVS 5a **Solo O/S 30/Sep/14Logie Head
Dark StarE1 5b **Solo O/S 30/Sep/14Logie Head
The CullE1 5b **Solo O/S 30/Sep/14Logie Head
YahoochieE6 6a ***LeadDanny29/Sep/14Craig Stirling
Electric BlueE1 5a **Lead O/SDanny29/Sep/14Craig Stirling
AcapulcoE1 5b ***Solo O/SDanny29/Sep/14Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
The Red BaronHVS 5a **Solo O/SDanny29/Sep/14Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
TiggerE1 5b **Solo O/SDanny29/Sep/14Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
CheetahHVS 5a *Solo O/SDanny29/Sep/14Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
El-DE2 5b **2ndDanny29/Sep/14Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
Pooh's AreteE2 5b *Solo O/SDanny29/Sep/14Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
The Killing MoonE1 5b ***Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Meackie Point
Impending DoomE2 5c *Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Meackie Point
FlurryHVS 5b ***Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Meackie Point
The CollectorE1 5b Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Meackie Point
Free SpiritE3 5c **Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Harper's Wall
Silent PartnerE2 5b **Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Harper's Wall
One, Two, Three, GoHVS 5b **Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Harper's Wall
CheE2 5c *Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Harper's Wall
RenegadeVS 4c ***Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Harper's Wall
The Band of HopeHVS 5a *Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Meikle Partans
Strawclutcher's WallE1 5b **Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Meikle Partans
Jug WallD *Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Meikle Partans
Shallow DiedreVS 4c *Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Meikle Partans
Urban GorillaE3 5c **Solo O/S 26/Sep/14Harper's Wall
TykeE3 5b Solo O/S 25/Sep/14Souter Head
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