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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Stingray7b **Lead β16/May/15The Fin
Barracuda7b **Lead β16/May/15The Fin
Arapiama (2nd half)6c Lead O/S16/May/15The Fin
Lech GatesE4 5c **Lead O/S15/May/15Pass of Ballater
The SplitsHVS 5b Lead O/S15/May/15Pass of Ballater
BluteredE1 5a ***2nd rpt15/May/15Pass of Ballater
Larup HeadE3 5c **2nd rpt15/May/15Pass of Ballater
SpinnakerHS **Solo O/S13/May/15Sickle Row
Girdle TraverseHVS 5a **Solo O/S13/May/15The Mincer Cliff
OmnivoreE2 5b **Solo O/S12/May/15Craig Stirling
Lean MeatE3 5c **DWS O/S12/May/15Craig Stirling
Depth Charge Direct StartE3 5c ***DWS O/S12/May/15Craig Stirling
Clockwork CatE3 5c ***Solo O/S12/May/15Craig Stirling
Humpback CrackVS 4b *Solo O/S04/May/15The Humpback
Nooky WallHVS 5a Solo O/S04/May/15The Humpback
HomosuperiorE5 6a **Lead β02/May/15Goat Crag
FreakshowE5 6a ***Lead O/S02/May/15Goat Crag
Tom Paines Indirect Start6a+ *Lead rpt02/May/15Goat Crag
Poster Boy5a *Lead O/S02/May/15Goat Crag
Between the Monsoons6c+ **Lead O/S02/May/15Goat Crag
Quick on the DrawE5 6a **2nd β01/May/15Gruinard Crag
How the West was WonE4 6a **Lead β01/May/15Gruinard Crag
Call of the Wild - Variation StartE4 6a ***Lead O/S01/May/15Lochan Dubh Crag
Major DomoE6 6b ***Lead O/S01/May/15Lochan Dubh Crag
Simple PerfectionsD **Solo O/S30/Apr/15Gruinard Crag
Nick the NicheE1 5b **Solo O/S30/Apr/15Lochan Dubh Crag
Halcyon DaysVS 4c **Solo O/S30/Apr/15Gruinard Crag
The Big CHVS 5a **Solo O/S30/Apr/15Gruinard Crag
Red John of the BattlesE2 5b ***Solo O/S30/Apr/15Gruinard Crag
Lily the PinkHS 4a *Solo O/S30/Apr/15Jetty Crag
Anthrax FlakeVS 4c ***Solo O/S30/Apr/15Jetty Crag
Charlies CornerVS 4b **Solo O/S30/Apr/15Jetty Crag
Right CharlieE2 5c **Solo O/S30/Apr/15Jetty Crag
South West AreteE1 Solo O/S30/Apr/15Jetty Crag
DoddleVD *Solo O/S30/Apr/15Jetty Crag
Tick FeverVD Solo O/S30/Apr/15Jetty Crag
Humpback GirdleVD Solo O/S28/Apr/15The Humpback
The Back RampHVS 5a *Solo O/S28/Apr/15The Humpback
Muhammed Wira Bin JamelE2 5c **2nd27/Apr/15Brown Crag
Weakling's WallE2 5b *Lead O/S27/Apr/15Brown Crag
Lobster ThermadoreE4 5c **Lead O/S27/Apr/15Brown Crag
Devo-MaxE4 6a **Lead O/S27/Apr/15Brown Band Crag
LostE2 5c *2nd27/Apr/15Brown Band Crag
The ParanormalE3 5c ***Lead O/S26/Apr/15Berrymuir Head
Eresless AreteHVS 5b *2nd26/Apr/15Berrymuir Head
NighthawkE2 5c *Lead β26/Apr/15Berrymuir Head
ProcyonE5 6b ***AltLd β11/Apr/15South Cove
Torn LigamentsE2 5c Lead O/S11/Apr/15South Cove
Teetering on the Brink of MadnessE5 6b **Lead β11/Apr/15South Cove
Akimbo Crack VariationE2 5c Lead O/S11/Apr/15South Cove