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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Dihedral Corner15 ***-???/2010Blue Lake
Integral Crack19 ***-???/2010Booroomba Rocks
Determinant15 *-???/2010Booroomba Rocks
Sunstroke9 **-???/2010Booroomba Rocks
Integral Crack19 ***-???/2010Booroomba Rocks
Determinant15 *-???/2010Booroomba Rocks
Sunstroke9 **-???/2010Booroomba Rocks
Pommy Bastard20 -???/2010Kangaroo Point
Tiger Stripe16 -???/2010Kangaroo Point
Pterodactyl (D)17 **-???/2010Kangaroo Point
Pterodactyl18 **-???/2010Kangaroo Point
Cox's Overhang17 *-???/2010Kangaroo Point
Lesbian Printshop Workers22 ***-???/2010Kangaroo Point
Chip-a-Hold-Away22 ***-???/2010Kangaroo Point
Cucumber Castle23 ***-???/2010Kangaroo Point
Gangbang Wall23 **-???/2010Kangaroo Point
Brisbane Bitter24 ***-???/2010Kangaroo Point
Idiot Wind21 **-???/2010Kangaroo Point
Fowl Deeds In The Cookhouse22 ***-???/2010Kangaroo Point
XXXX25 **-???/2010Kangaroo Point
Hanger WallA1 *-???/2010Kangaroo Point
The Tube24 **-???/2010Centennial Glen
Nev Herrod23 *-???/2010Centennial Glen
Jaws21 **-???/2010Centennial Glen
Split Wave23 **-???/2010Centennial Glen
I'd Rather Be Sailing19 ***-???/2010Cosmic County
The Eighty Minute Hour18 ***-???/2010Cosmic County
Scary Monsters11 -???/2010Cosmic County
Interstate 3117 -???/2010Cosmic County
The Allied Chemical News17 **-???/2010Cosmic County
Applejack8 -???/2010Cosmic County
Sylvan15 **-???/2010Cosmic County
World According To Garf20 *-???/2010Thompsons Point
Portrait Of Rod18 **-???/2010Thompsons Point
Korca18 **-???/2010Thompsons Point
The Money Or The Box19 **-???/2010Thompsons Point
Up The Alley21 ***-???/2010Thompsons Point
Vanderholics18 ***-???/2010Thompsons Point
Gun Barrel Highway19 ***-???/2010Thompsons Point
Zulu Dawn22 **-???/2010Thompsons Point
Killer Boas22 **-???/2010Thompsons Point
Murdoch The Horse Fucker22 ***-???/2010Thompsons Point
Je Baise Ma Fraigne20 **-???/2010Thompsons Point
Electro Rooter22 **-???/2010Thompsons Point
Pulling On The Porcelain23 **-???/2010Thompsons Point
Shifting Sands21 **-???/2010Thompsons Point
A Day At The Beach21 ***-???/2010Thompsons Point
Black Beddy23 **-???/2010Thompsons Point
Still Life23 **-???/2010Thompsons Point
Still Life With Chalk Bag26 **-???/2010Thompsons Point