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Logbook for cassandra

49 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Corner CrackVD *2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson02/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
Squashed FingerHVD *2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson02/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
Middle and LegD *2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson02/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
North Buttress AreteHVD 4a 2nd O/SChris Morrow01/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
Green CrackS 4a **2nd O/SChris Morrow01/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
The Rib Right-handHS 4b 2nd O/SChris Morrow01/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
Face Route 2M Solo O/S 01/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
Right-hand CrackVD 2nd O/SChris Morrow10/Aug/10Castle Naze
Sheltered CrackVD *2nd O/SChris Morrow10/Aug/10Castle Naze
Long ClimbVD 2nd O/SChris Morrow10/Aug/10Castle Naze
Left Triplet CrackD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson09/Jul/10Windgather Rocks
South CrackD *2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson09/Jul/10Windgather Rocks
High Buttress AreteD **2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson09/Jul/10Windgather Rocks
Beaky CornerVD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson23/May/10Rob's Rocks
StairwayM 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson23/May/10Rob's Rocks
ZachariasVD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson23/May/10Rob's Rocks
Cripple's WayVD **2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson23/May/10Rob's Rocks
OwtM *Solo O/S 23/May/10Rob's Rocks
N'owtM Solo O/S 23/May/10Rob's Rocks
Chimney and CrackVD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson21/May/10Windgather Rocks
North Buttress AreteHVD 4a 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson21/May/10Windgather Rocks
The StaircaseM *2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson21/May/10Windgather Rocks
The Other CornerM Lead O/SAdam Hodgkinson21/May/10Windgather Rocks
Heather ButtressHD Lead O/SAdam Hodgkinson21/May/10Windgather Rocks
Column ClimbD 2nd rptAdam Hodgkinson19/May/10Cadshaw Rocks
Crack And WallS 4a 2nd rptAdam Hodgkinson19/May/10Cadshaw Rocks
Oak Tree ChimneyVD *2nd rptAdam Hodgkinson19/May/10Cadshaw Rocks
Curving CrackD 2nd rptAdam Hodgkinson19/May/10Cadshaw Rocks
ExtraD Lead O/SAdam Hodgkinson15/May/10Denham Quarry
Central Buttress DirectVD *Lead O/SAdam Hodgkinson15/May/10Denham Quarry
TrigularM 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson15/May/10Denham Quarry
The EdgeVD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson15/May/10Denham Quarry
Central ButtressD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson15/May/10Denham Quarry
Corner ChimneyD Lead βAdam Hodgkinson09/May/10Cadshaw Rocks
The SlabVD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson09/May/10Cadshaw Rocks
Central ChimneyVD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson09/May/10Cadshaw Rocks
Oak Tree ChimneyVD *Lead βAdam Hodgkinson09/May/10Cadshaw Rocks
Twin CracksD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson24/Apr/10Wilton 3
Great ChimneyD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson24/Apr/10Wilton 3
Rappel WallVD **2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson24/Apr/10Wilton 3
The SnoutD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson23/Apr/10Cadshaw Rocks
West MantelshelfHD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson23/Apr/10Cadshaw Rocks
Curving CrackD 2nd O/SAdam Hodgkinson23/Apr/10Cadshaw Rocks
Corner ChimneyD 2ndAdam Hodgkinson18/Apr/10Cadshaw Rocks
Column ClimbD Lead βAdam Hodgkinson18/Apr/10Cadshaw Rocks
Oak Tree ChimneyVD *2ndAdam Hodgkinson18/Apr/10Cadshaw Rocks
The StaircaseM Lead βAdam Hodgkinson18/Apr/10Cadshaw Rocks
Easy ChimneyM Solo 18/Apr/10Cadshaw Rocks
Easy ChimneyM Lead βAdam Hodgkinson13/Apr/10Cadshaw Rocks