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NameStyleDate Crag name
Morning WallSolo O/S21/Aug/11Wainstones
Route OneLead O/S03/Jul/11Peel crag
SunsetLead O/S03/Jul/11Peel crag
Ali BabaTR22/Apr/11Wainstones
The Slab ClimbSolo22/Apr/11Wainstones
Little Bo-PeepLead22/Apr/11Wainstones
Sphinx Nose TraverseLead22/Apr/11Wainstones
Jackdaw Gully2nd β09/Apr/11Wainstones
Ling ButtressLead O/S09/Apr/11Wainstones
Morning WallLead O/S09/Apr/11Wainstones
Tiny's DilemmaLead O/S09/Apr/11Wainstones
Jezebel2nd β23/Mar/11Crag Lough
UlyssesLead O/S22/Mar/11Peel crag
The ClawSent O/S07/Mar/11Jesmond Dene
El CapSent O/S07/Mar/11Jesmond Dene
The HowlingSent O/S07/Mar/11Jesmond Dene
Atomic kittenLead O/S20/Nov/10Giggleswick South
puckoonLead O/S20/Nov/10Giggleswick South
Taking The MickeyLead O/S20/Nov/10Giggleswick South
The Second Ice-fieldLead O/S16/Oct/10Giggleswick South
Murton CaveSolo01/Sep/10Peak Scar
JorduTR O/S01/Sep/10Peak Scar
Birdland DirectTR O/S01/Sep/10Peak Scar
StewkerSolo RP??/Jul/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Eve - Right HandTR??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Parson's ChimneySolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Hand JiveSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Jiver's WallSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Bop RouteSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
BoppedSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Zoot RouteSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
The HeadsSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
The BulkheadSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Jack's DelightSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Bottoms UpSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
HangoverSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Tooth and NailSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Pets' CornerSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Whippet WallSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
PlutoSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
The MantelshelfSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
AlphaSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
BetaSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
GammaSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Curtain CallSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Curtain CrackSolo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Curtain Corner (Left Side)Solo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
Curtain Corner (Right Side)Solo??/Jun/10Scugdale - Scot Crags
PianississimoLead RP???/2010Peak Scar
Twin Cracks-???/2010Park Nab