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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Hanging ChimneyS AltLdrob??/Apr/09Glen Clova - Red Craigs area
High Level Traverse and Direct FinishHS **AltLdrob??/Apr/09Glen Clova - Red Craigs area
AlderVS 4c ***AltLdrob??/Apr/09Glen Clova - Red Craigs area
Kremlin ControlE2 5c *Leadrob??/Apr/09Glen Clova - Red Craigs area
Medium CoolVS 4c **Leadruari??/Apr/09Pass of Ballater
Razor's CrackVS 4c *Leadruari??/Apr/09Pass of Ballater
K.M.A.HS 4a LeadJo??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
MadogVS 4c *LeadJo??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
MyomancyHVS 5b LeadJo??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Falling Block CrackS *LeadJo??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
MistookVS 4c *LeadJo??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
GwyneddVS 4b LeadJo??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Rammer's RouteVS 5a LeadJo??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
MarathHVD LeadJo??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
MTNS LeadJo??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Central AreteS LeadJo??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Central StaircaseVD Solo ??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Central StaircaseVD 2ndXian??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Bulging WallHS 4a *2ndJo??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Quatre Fois DirectVS 4c **LeadXian??/Apr/09Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Grooved ArÍteHVD 4a ***2ndmike??/Apr/09Tryfan (East Face)
The StrandE2 5b ***2nd dogdan??/Mar/09Gogarth North Stack and Main...
Sterling SilverE2 5c **2nddan??/Mar/09Bus Stop Quarry
Fool's GoldE1 5c **2nd O/Sdan??/Mar/09Bus Stop Quarry
Fool's GoldE1 5c **2nd O/Snick??/Mar/09Bus Stop Quarry
Kaisergebirge WallHVS 5b **2nd O/Sdan??/Mar/09Clogwyn y Grochan
WindHVS 5b **2nd O/Sdan??/Mar/09Clogwyn y Grochan
NeaVS 4b **AltLd O/Sdan??/Mar/09Clogwyn y Grochan
Creagh Dhu Wall DirectVS 4c ***Lead O/Sdan??/Mar/09Craig y Castell (Tremadog)
Creagh Dhu WallHS 4b ***AltLd O/Sdan??/Mar/09Craig y Castell (Tremadog)
The WaspE2 5c **2nd dogdan??/Mar/09Craig y Castell (Tremadog)
Christmas Curry / Micah EliminateHS 4a ***LeadJo??/Mar/09Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
AsteriskVS 4b ***2ndTom??/Mar/09Gimmer Crag
Kipling GrooveHVS 5a ***AltLdTom??/Mar/09Gimmer Crag
Gimmer StringE1 5b ***2ndTom??/Mar/09Gimmer Crag
The MorticianHVS 5a ***2ndTom??/Mar/09Black Crag (Borrowdale)
The MorticianHVS 5a ***2ndTom??/Mar/09Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Hidden Chimney DirectIV 5 **AltLdLauren??/Feb/09Coire an t'Sneachda
Fiacaill RidgeI/II ***SoloLauren??/Feb/09Coire an t'Sneachda
Dorsal AreteII ***LeadCarly??/Jan/09Stob Coire nan Lochan
EquinoxVS 4c **Lead ??/Jun/08Bus Stop Quarry
SolsticeHVS 5a *Lead ??/Jun/08Bus Stop Quarry
Valerie's RibHS 4a **- ??/Apr/08Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Boo-BooVD *- ??/Apr/08Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Grooved ArÍteHVD 4a ***AltLd ??/Apr/07Tryfan (East Face)
Pulpit RouteD **2ndmike??/Apr/06Milestone Buttress
Direct RouteVD ***2ndmike??/Apr/06Milestone Buttress
The Ordinary RouteD *-mike??/Apr/06Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Christmas CurryS 4a ***LeadMilkybar??/Sep/05Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
OberonS 4b *LeadMilkybar??/Sep/05Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
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