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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Right-Hand GrooveVD *Lead07/Aug/12Huntly's Cave
Headend ChimneyMS Lead30/Jul/12Headend quarry
West End DirectS *Lead30/Jul/12Headend quarry
Catlands WallMVS 4c *Lead30/Jul/12Headend quarry
DiogenesS 4b Lead30/Jul/12Headend quarry
KamikazeHVS 5a *Lead30/Jul/12Headend quarry
Snail WallS 4a Lead30/Jul/12Headend quarry
DisillusionS *Lead24/Jul/12Castle Crag
Evening WallS 4a *Lead22/Jul/12Raven Crag (Langdale)
SoderamaVD Lead29/Jun/12Symonds Yat
GarlicD Lead29/Jun/12Symonds Yat
Cave WallVD Lead29/Jun/12Symonds Yat
Jackal's GullyD Lead29/Jun/12Symonds Yat
Victor CrackS 4a Lead29/Jun/12Symonds Yat
AfterbirthS 4a Lead29/Jun/12Symonds Yat
Maiden's ChimneyD Lead01/Jun/12Yew Crags
maiden's twinsHVS 5a *2nd01/Jun/12Yew Crags
Right AreteVS 5a *2nd01/Jun/12Yew Crags
Maiden's GangwayVS 4c *2nd01/Jun/12Yew Crags
MandrakeHVS 5a ***-24/May/12Quayfoot Buttress
Wishful ThinkingVS 5a *2nd19/May/12High Crag
Resurrection RouteVS 4b *2nd19/May/12High Crag
DelilahVS 4c ***2nd19/May/12High Crag
EveVS 4c ***2nd16/May/12Shepherds Crag
ChamonixHS 4b **2nd16/May/12Shepherds Crag
Jackdaw Ridge DirectVD **TR18/Apr/12Shepherds Crag
Jackdaw RidgeD *TR18/Apr/12Shepherds Crag
Jaffa CakeS TR18/Apr/12Wodens Face
Woden's FaceVD **TR18/Apr/12Wodens Face
Woden's Face DirectS 4a *TR18/Apr/12Wodens Face
BombproofS *2nd31/Mar/12Cummingston
BlockproofS 2nd31/Mar/12Cummingston
BlockbusterVD *Lead31/Mar/12Cummingston
BombproofS *Lead RP31/Mar/12Cummingston
Square ChimneyM 2nd29/Mar/12Stanage Popular
Monkey CrackVD 4a 2nd29/Mar/12Stanage Popular
The Be All And End AllVD 2nd29/Mar/12Stanage Popular
Pedestal ChimneyD *Lead O/S29/Mar/12Stanage Popular
Fire CurtainVD Lead O/S29/Mar/12Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress IndirectVD *Lead O/S29/Mar/12Stanage Popular
Square Buttress CornerD Lead O/S29/Mar/12Stanage Popular
Overhanging Chimney DirectS 4a *2nd28/Mar/12Harborough Rocks
Pedestal CrackS 4a *2nd28/Mar/12Harborough Rocks
Little AreteD 2nd28/Mar/12Harborough Rocks
Overhanging Wall VariantVD *Lead O/S28/Mar/12Harborough Rocks
Steep RidgeVD *Lead O/S28/Mar/12Harborough Rocks
Leaning Block CrackVD 2nd28/Mar/12Burbage North
Ash Tree CrackVD *Lead O/S28/Mar/12Burbage North
Bilberry CrackVD *Lead O/S28/Mar/12Burbage North
Bilberry FaceVD Lead O/S28/Mar/12Burbage North