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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Born into struggle f7B+ *** Sent x 26/May Rocklands
Human Energy f7A+ Sent x 26/May Rocklands
Creeper f7A ** Sent x 26/May Rocklands
Roof is on Fire f6C Sent β 24/May Rocklands
Orange Heart f6C ** Sent β 24/May Rocklands
Last day in Paradise f7C Sent x 24/May Rocklands
Caroline f7C+ *** Sent x 23/May Rocklands
White Mazda Clan f7C+ Sent x 23/May Rocklands
Vlad the Impaler f7C *** Sent x 20/May Rocklands
Crazy Leg f7B Sent x 20/May Rocklands
Vanity f7A+ Sent x 20/May Rocklands
An Amal Roof f7C Sent x 18/May Rocklands
Maties f7A Sent β 18/May Rocklands
Beer belly bandit f7A Sent x 18/May Rocklands
Springbok f7B *** Sent x 18/May Rocklands
Black Spider f7C ** Sent x 16/May Rocklands
Teatime f7C * Sent x 14/May Rocklands
Colin the librarian f7A+ * Sent β 12/May Rocklands
The secret to Olive preservers direct f7A * Sent x 10/May Rocklands
The secret to Olive's preserve cupboard f7B ** Sent x 10/May Rocklands
Sunset Traverse f7A *** Sent x 08/May Rocklands
The Rhino f7B+ Sent x 08/May Rocklands
Stalker on the Horizon f7C * Sent x 08/May Rocklands
Bols Island f7A ** Sent β 08/May Rocklands
The Soul Train f7B+ Sent x 06/May Rocklands