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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Troutdale PinnacleS ***-???/2012Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Gillercombe ButtressS 3c **-???/2012Gillercombe
KayVS 4b **-???/2012Wilton 3
Crooked CrackVS 4c **-???/2012Wilton 3
CanopyHVS 5a *-???/2012Wilton 3
Shivers AreteE1 5b **-???/2012Wilton 3
FingernailS 4a **-???/2012Wilton 1
Orange PeelS 4a *-???/2012Wilton 1
End of TimeE2 5b **-??/Apr/11Denham Quarry
Mohammed the Medieval MelancholicHVS 5a **-??/Apr/11Denham Quarry
Twin CracksD AltLd??/Apr/11Wilton 3
Great ChimneyD AltLd??/Apr/11Wilton 3
JustineS 4a AltLd??/Apr/11Wilton 3
Orange GrooveVD *AltLd??/Apr/11Wilton 3
Monolith CrackVS 4b AltLd??/Apr/11Wilton 3
Orange CornerVD AltLd??/Apr/11Wilton 3
KayVS 4b **AltLd??/Apr/11Wilton 3
Twin CracksD -??/Mar/11Wilton 3
Orange WallVS 4b -??/Mar/11Wilton 3
Parallel CracksS 4a *-??/Mar/11Wilton 3
The GrooveVD *-??/Mar/11Wilton 3
Rappel WallVD **-??/Mar/11Wilton 3
MoHS 4b *-??/Mar/11Wilton 3
MineyVD -??/Mar/11Wilton 3
MeenyVD -??/Mar/11Wilton 3
EenyVD -??/Mar/11Wilton 3
TimeE1 5a **-??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
Mad KarooHVS 5a *-??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
Concave WallS 4a *-??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
BevelVD -??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
Mohammed the Morbid MogulS 4a -??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
Mohammed the Mad Monk of Moorside Home for Mental MisfitsVS 4c ***-??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
The EdgeVD -??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
TrigularM -??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
ExtraD -??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
IntraVD -??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
Central ButtressD -??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
Central Buttress DirectVD *-??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
The LaybackVS 4c -??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
Step in the CloudsS 4b *-??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
Main BreakHS 4a **-??/Feb/11Denham Quarry
The StaircaseM -??/Feb/11Cadshaw Rocks
Pagan's WallS 4a -??/Feb/11Cadshaw Rocks
Corner ChimneyD -??/Feb/11Cadshaw Rocks
East Face ClimbVD -??/Feb/11Cadshaw Rocks
Column ClimbD -??/Feb/11Cadshaw Rocks
Crack And WallS 4a -??/Feb/11Cadshaw Rocks
Oak Tree ChimneyVD *-??/Feb/11Cadshaw Rocks
Tyro's DelightM -??/Feb/11Cadshaw Rocks
Central ChimneyVD -??/Feb/11Cadshaw Rocks