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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Fell Head summitsummit - 28/Sep/13Fell Head
Bush Howe summitsummit - 28/Sep/13Bush Howe
Bush Howe summitsummit - 28/Sep/13Bush Howe
Little Stand summitsummit - 15/Jul/13Little Stand
Great Knott summitsummit - 15/Jul/13Great Knott
Low Saddle summitsummit - 10/Jul/13Low Saddle
Hoove summitsummit - 06/May/13Hoove
Grayrigg Forest summitsummit - 31/Mar/13Grayrigg Forest
Blencathra - Gategill Fell Top summitsummit - 11/Aug/12Blencathra - Gategill Fell Top
White Maiden summitsummit - ??/May/12White Maiden
Water Crag summitsummit - 01/Apr/12Water Crag
Rogan's Seat summitsummit - 01/Apr/12Rogan's Seat
Lovely Seat summitsummit - 01/Apr/12Lovely Seat
Yarlside summitsummit - 31/Mar/12Yarlside
Randygill Top summitsummit - 31/Mar/12Randygill Top
Hugh Seat summitsummit - 28/Mar/12Hugh Seat
Archy Styrigg summitsummit - 28/Mar/12Archy Styrigg
High Seat summitsummit - 28/Mar/12High Seat
Little Fell summitsummit - 28/Mar/12Little Fell
Archy Styrigg [Gregory Chapel] summitsummit - 28/Mar/12Archy Styrigg [Gregory Chapel]
Swarth Fell summitsummit - 25/Mar/12Swarth Fell
Birks Fell summitsummit - 25/Mar/12Birks Fell
Swarth Fell summitsummit - 25/Mar/12Swarth Fell
Fountains Fell South Top summitsummit - 18/Mar/12Fountains Fell South Top
Wild Boar Fell summitsummit - 11/Mar/12Wild Boar Fell
Baugh Fell - Tarn Rigg Hill summitsummit - 25/Feb/12Baugh Fell - Tarn Rigg Hill
Knoutberry Haw summitsummit - 25/Feb/12Knoutberry Haw
Knoutberry Haw summitsummit - 25/Feb/12Knoutberry Haw
Drumaldrace summitsummit - 15/Feb/12Drumaldrace
Yockenthwaite Moor summitsummit - 08/Feb/12Yockenthwaite Moor
Shining Tor summitsummit - 25/Jan/12Shining Tor
Great Dun Fell summitsummit - 14/Jan/12Great Dun Fell
Great Dun Fell summitsummit - 14/Jan/12Great Dun Fell
Great Dun Fell summitsummit - 14/Jan/12Great Dun Fell
Cross Fell summitsummit - 14/Jan/12Cross Fell
Little Dun Fell summitsummit - 14/Jan/12Little Dun Fell
Black Hill summitsummit - 28/Oct/11Black Hill
Whitfell summitsummit - 22/Oct/11Whitfell
Hutton Roof Crags summitsummit - 15/Oct/11Hutton Roof Crags
Sale How summitsummit - 15/Sep/11Sale How
Claife Heights summitsummit - 15/Sep/11Claife Heights
Bleaklow Head summitsummit - 10/Sep/11Bleaklow Head
Higher Shelf Stones summitsummit - 10/Sep/11Higher Shelf Stones
Nine Standards Rigg summitsummit - ??/Sep/11Nine Standards Rigg
Dodd Fell Hill summitsummit - ??/Jul/11Dodd Fell Hill
Billinge Hill summitsummit - ??/Jun/11Billinge Hill
Great Shunner Fell summitsummit - ??/Jun/11Great Shunner Fell
Aye Gill Pike summitsummit - ??/Jun/11Aye Gill Pike
Bram Rigg Top summitsummit - 20/May/11Bram Rigg Top
Calders summitsummit - 20/May/11Calders
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