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Logbook for Ellis Butler-Barker

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Diamond DistrictSent x09/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Trench v3 (Javu p94)Sent β09/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Low Trench TraverseSent β09/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Trench P96Sent β09/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
P96 EliminateSent x09/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
P96 VariationSent β09/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Rockover right of CalmerSent β09/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Opposite Rippled Wall P69bSent O/S09/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Something and NothingSent β02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
OsillationsSent β02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
P86Sent rpt02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Wave (SDS)Sent β02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Wave FootlessSent x02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Hanging Crack Low into The WaveSent x02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Tsunami ExtensionSent x02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
TsunamiSent x02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The WaveSent rpt02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Slopey Traverse P22Sent rpt02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Slopey Traverse ExtensionSent β02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Wave TraverseSent x02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Hanging Crack P89Sent rpt02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Hanging Crack low startSent β02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
SnatchSent x02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
InnoculationSent β02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Innocuous TraverseSent rpt02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Arete R of Baby SlabSent β02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Baby slab traverseSent β02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Big Slab P73Sent O/S02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Big Slab P76Sent β02/Dec/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Dream River (Boulder)Sent x25/Nov/14Ash Hole
Prepossanne StandSent x23/Nov/14Ash Hole
Charlie DB DirectSent x16/Nov/14Ash Hole
Charlie DBSent x16/Nov/14Ash Hole
CharlieSent x16/Nov/14Ash Hole
Understress ExtensionSent x15/Nov/14Breakwater/Shoalstone Beach
UnderstressSent x15/Nov/14Breakwater/Shoalstone Beach
Lock DownSent rpt15/Nov/14Breakwater/Shoalstone Beach
Match DownSent rpt15/Nov/14Breakwater/Shoalstone Beach
UnderstrousSent rpt15/Nov/14Breakwater/Shoalstone Beach
La Baleine (Black 7)Sent x01/Nov/14Petit Bois
Big Jim (Black 4)Sent x01/Nov/14Petit Bois
Le Mur du SonSent x01/Nov/14Petit Bois
Golden Feet gaucheSent rpt31/Oct/14Bas Cuvier
Holey MoleySent x31/Oct/14Bas Cuvier
L'HélicoptèreSent x31/Oct/14Bas Cuvier
La Marie Rose (Red 22)Sent rpt31/Oct/14Bas Cuvier
Coup de LuneSent x30/Oct/14L'Elephant
Trous de MemoireSent x30/Oct/14L'Elephant
Monsieur PlusSent x30/Oct/14L'Elephant
Be HopSent x30/Oct/14L'Elephant
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