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NameStyleDate Crag name
Mono SlabSent x09/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
The TerraceSent x26/Oct/14Burbage North
Banana Finger DirectSent x19/Oct/14Burbage North
Baldstones TraverseSent x12/Oct/14Baldstones
EpilogueSent x12/Oct/14Ramshaw Rocks
The PinchesSent x12/Oct/14Ramshaw Rocks
Mark's RoofSent x05/Oct/14Gardoms Edge
The Attitude InspectorSent x28/Sep/14Burbage South Edge
Bus Stop MantelSent x25/Sep/14Rowtor Rocks
The Line (Jump Start)Sent β25/Sep/14Rowtor Rocks
Night of Lust StartSent x21/Sep/14Ramshaw Rocks
Press Direct Sit StartSent x21/Sep/14Ramshaw Rocks
Captain HookSent x18/Sep/14Stanage Plantation
The AllianceSent x07/Sep/14Burbage South Edge
Jason's MantelSent x24/Aug/14Burbage South Edge
Crash 'n' GurnSent x24/Aug/14Burbage South Valley Boulders
BerettaSent x18/May/14Anston Stones Wood
Apprentice ProwSent x18/May/14Anston Stones Wood
Jerry's AreteSent x05/Apr/14Robin Hood's Stride
PissSent x29/Mar/14Higgar Tor
DesperotSent x22/Mar/14Chatsworth Edge
Gorilla WarfareSent x22/Mar/14Curbar Edge
Late JunctionSent x15/Mar/14Curbar Edge
PopeyeSent x07/Mar/14Rocher des Demoiselles
CortomaltèseSent x07/Mar/14Bas Cuvier
L'Angle Ben'sSent x06/Mar/14Franchard Isatis
Reve de PierreSent x05/Mar/14Apremont
EOSSent x04/Mar/14Justice De Chambergeot
Le Toit du Cul du ChienSent x04/Mar/14Le Cul de Chien
Retour aux Sources / Etrave de GaucheSent x04/Mar/1495.2
Ligne de MireSent x03/Mar/14Gorge du Houx
Mark's Roof OriginalSent x22/Feb/14Gardoms Edge
Zippy's TraverseSent x22/Feb/14Stanage Plantation
Remergence StartSent x29/Dec/13Burbage North
The Hanging RibSent x29/Dec/13Burbage North
Yabbadabbadoo!Sent x29/Dec/13Burbage North
BedrockSent x29/Dec/13Burbage North
Art of JapanSent x07/Dec/13Curbar Edge
Last LightSent x07/Dec/13Curbar Edge
Downhill GardnerSent x07/Dec/13Curbar Edge
Button MoonSent x07/Dec/13Curbar Edge
Too DrunkSent x30/Nov/13Roaches Upper Tier
The NoseSent x29/Sep/13Burbage West
A B TopSent x29/Sep/13Stanage Plantation
The Spine Left HandSent β26/Sep/13Robin Hood's Stride
Hanging Prow Crouch StartSent x14/Sep/13Burbage South Quarries
Hamburger RoofSent x14/Sep/13Burbage South Quarries
Bad LipSent x18/Aug/13Curbar Edge
Seams Simple EnoughSent x18/Aug/13Curbar Edge
Whillans' Pendulum and Black MagicLead O/S09/Aug/13Stanage Popular
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