117 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Italian Job7a ***Lead RP??/Dec/14Diarizos
Hammer6a ***Lead O/S??/Nov/13Alev Kayasi
Babavura6c ***Lead RP??/Nov/13Garga Suyu
Wonderful6b+ Lead RP??/Nov/13Garga Suyu
Alex Drastiko6c+ **Lead RP??/Apr/13Diarizos
No pump6a+ *Lead??/Oct/12Diarizos
Anorit6a **Lead O/S??/Jun/12Garga Suyu
Neraida5c *Lead O/S???/2012Diarizos
Jim5c **Lead O/S???/2012Skalia Pillar
Les Blablas6a *Lead O/S???/2012Skalia Pillar
Shiva and Dimitris6a **Lead O/S???/2012Summertime
Ando Drom6b+ **Lead O/S???/2012Summertime
Salbei6a **Lead O/S???/2012Summertime
Salamina tis Kypros6a+ *Lead O/S???/2012Summertime
Ammohostos Vasilevousa6a ***Lead O/S???/2012Summertime
Orea Dana6a+ **Lead O/S???/2012Summertime
Berliner Kindl6a *Lead O/S???/2012Sea Breeze
Stars on Stage6a ***Lead O/S???/2012Sea Breeze
L'uomo che non credeva6b *Lead O/S???/2012Afternoon
Kalo Taxidi6a *Lead O/S???/2012Afternoon
Blu6a *Lead O/S???/2012Afternoon
Kenourgia Zoi6b+ Lead RP??/Dec/11Inia Gerakopetra
Gufi6a+ **Lead O/S??/Nov/11Garga Suyu
Highway to Heaven6a ***Lead O/S??/Nov/11Garga Suyu
Guru6b+ **Lead RP??/Jun/11Diarizos
Benny Lane6a Lead O/S??/Jun/11Benny Beg
The Beggar6a Lead O/S??/Jun/11Benny Beg
Beggar's Banquet6a Lead O/S??/Jun/11Benny Beg
The Smiddy6a Lead O/S??/Jun/11Benny Beg
Mageia6c+ ***Lead rpt??/May/11Diarizos
Neraida5c *-??/May/11Diarizos
Epea Pteroenda6b ***Lead RP??/Apr/11Diarizos
Pornokini6a ***-??/Apr/11Arginonta
Kavourina6a+ ***-??/Apr/11Diarizos
Pornokini6a ***Lead O/S??/Apr/11Arginonta
Victoria4c **Lead O/S??/Apr/11Arginonta
Stock Fish5b *Lead O/S??/Apr/11Arginonta
Swiss Baby6a+ **Lead O/S??/Apr/11Afternoon
Nonno ringo5c *Lead O/S??/Apr/11Afternoon
Strange Little Girl5a **Lead O/S??/Apr/11The Spartan Walls
Origano5a *Lead O/S??/Apr/11Afternoon
Organizer4a *Lead O/S??/Apr/11The Spartan Walls
Finger Piercing4a *Lead O/S??/Apr/11Afternoon
Slalom6a ***Lead O/S??/Apr/11Sea Breeze
Chero poli5c **Lead O/S??/Apr/11Sea Breeze
Rockcleaner5b **Lead O/S??/Apr/11Sea Breeze
Samba5a **Lead O/S??/Apr/11Noufaro
Blues4c **Lead O/S??/Apr/11Noufaro
Polka5a **Lead O/S??/Apr/11Noufaro
Boogie5a **Lead O/S??/Apr/11Noufaro