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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
High Speed Imp Actf7A ***Sent xJim21/Sep/14Gentleman Rock (Lower Churnet)
Lazy Monday Eveningf7A Sent x 21/Jul/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Motherhoodf6C+ Sent O/S 18/Jun/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Navukuf6B+ **Sent x 18/Jun/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Lean, Green, Bean Machinef6C **Sent x 16/Jun/14Chained Block (Lower Churnet)
Superstringf6B **Sent x 16/Jun/14Chained Block (Lower Churnet)
The Chained Oak Traversef6C *Sent x 16/Jun/14Chained Block (Lower Churnet)
Low Traverse Reverse into Lockit To The Pocketf6C+ *Sent x 16/Jun/14Gentleman Rock (Lower Churnet)
Shelf Traverse Leftf6A Sent O/S 16/Jun/14Ousal Crag (Lower Churnet)
Glory HoleV3 Sent O/S 05/May/14Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Cottagingf6C 6b Sent x 05/May/14Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
PushV3 6a **Sent x 05/May/14Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Simple Simon Indirectf7A **Sent rpt 04/May/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
The Old Sloper Problemf7A Sent rpt 04/May/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
The Traversef7B ***Sent x 04/May/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Varicosef6A+ **Sent rptAndy S, Jim, Terri24/Apr/14Newstones
Ripplef6B ***Sent rptAndy S, Jim, Terri24/Apr/14Newstones
Stallone Aretef6C+ *Sent rptAndy S, Jim, Terri24/Apr/14Newstones
Baldstones Traversef7A+ **Sent rptAndy S, Jim, Terri24/Apr/14Baldstones
Easy ExitV3 6a Sent O/SAndy S, Jim, Terri24/Apr/14Baldstones
Elephant's Eyef6B+ *Sent xAndy S, Jim, Terri24/Apr/14Baldstones
Elephant's Earf4 **Sent rptAndy S, Jim, Terri24/Apr/14Baldstones
Little Mantelf6B *Sent O/SJim21/Apr/14Gib Torr
Gibbering Leftf6B *Sent rptJim20/Apr/14Gib Torr
Gibby Hainesf6B+ Sent O/SJim20/Apr/14Gib Torr
Stayin' Alivef7B *Sent xJim20/Apr/14Gib Torr
Black PigVS 4c *2nd O/SAndy S, Jim, Terri18/Apr/14Roaches Skyline
The Old Sloper Problemf7A Sent rptJim18/Apr/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Moon Dustf5+ *Sent O/S 15/Apr/14Gentleman Rock (Lower Churnet)
Problem 2f6A+ *Sent x 15/Apr/14Gentleman Rock (Lower Churnet)
Moon Jumperf6B **Sent x 15/Apr/14Gentleman Rock (Lower Churnet)
Low Level Traverse Reverse Into The Nosef7A **Sent x 15/Apr/14Gentleman Rock (Lower Churnet)
Bog Trotf6A Sent xTerri14/Apr/14Toilet Block
Touching Clothf6B Sent xTerri14/Apr/14Toilet Block
Follow Throughf5+ Sent O/STerri14/Apr/14Toilet Block
Right Aretef6C Sent xTerri14/Apr/14Toilet Block
Traverse (L-R)f5+ Sent O/STerri14/Apr/14Toilet Block
Toilet Traverse LowV2 5c *Sent O/STerri14/Apr/14Toilet Block
Double TroubleV3 Sent O/STerri14/Apr/14Toilet Block
Bog BrushV4 *Sent xTerri14/Apr/14Toilet Block
Insect RepellentV1 Sent O/STerri14/Apr/14Grasshopper Block
Suffocationf6A+ *Sent xTerri14/Apr/14Breathe Block
Niche Traverse ExtensionV6 6b *Sent rptTerri14/Apr/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Simple Simon Indirectf7A **Sent rptTerri14/Apr/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
The Old Sloper Problemf7A Sent rptTerri14/Apr/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Short WallV0+ 5b Sent O/S 28/Mar/14Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Billy Bunterf4+ *Sent O/S 28/Mar/14Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Crustyf3+ *Sent O/S 28/Mar/14Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Sid the Sexistf4 *Sent O/S 28/Mar/14Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Cottage SlabV1 Sent O/S 28/Mar/14Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
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