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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Kenton is a Langerf6C ***Sent04/Oct/15Gap of Dunloe
Air TimeE5 6b **Lead03/Oct/15Gap of Dunloe
Run Fast Run FreeE3 6a *Lead27/Sep/15Fair Head
Born to RunE4 6a ***Lead26/Sep/15Fair Head
Cake WalkE3 5c AltLd26/Sep/15Fair Head
The PrisonerE5 6a ***Lead19/Sep/15Dalkey quarry
Jokarif7A+ **Sent11/Sep/15Franchard Sablons
Beatle Juicef7A+ ***Sent10/Sep/15Franchard Cuisiniere
Jet Setf7A **Sent08/Sep/15La Roche aux Sabots
L'Obliquef7A **Sent08/Sep/15La Roche aux Sabots
Gravitonf7A *Sent08/Sep/15La Roche aux Sabots
Surplomb gauchef7A *Sent07/Sep/15Franchard Isatis
The BrasserE2 5c ***Lead04/Sep/15Fair Head
The Wall of PreyE5 6b ***AltLd03/Sep/15Fair Head
Return of the JediE5 6b *Lead30/Aug/15Dalkey quarry
The HustlerE3 6a ***Lead25/Aug/15Fair Head
Track of the CatE4 6a ***Lead24/Aug/15Fair Head
The Animal6b+ Lead16/Aug/15Ballykeefe Quarry
The Last Pig6b+ Lead16/Aug/15Ballykeefe Quarry
Gecko7a Lead16/Aug/15Ballykeefe Quarry
Blade RunnerE3 5c **Lead15/Aug/15Fair Head
Raglan RoadE3 6a **Lead15/Aug/15Fair Head
MarconiE3 5c ***Lead14/Aug/15Fair Head
ChomolungmaE6 6b **Lead13/Aug/15Dalkey quarry
DeadlineE3 6a Lead25/Jul/15Gap of Dunloe
DaffodilsVS 4c 2nd25/Jul/15Gap of Dunloe
Cronins CrackHS 4b **Lead25/Jul/15Gap of Dunloe
Fat boys don't fallE1 5c Lead25/Jul/15Gap of Dunloe
Solitary ConfinementE5 6b ***Solo23/Jul/15Dalkey quarry
The GannetsE3 5c ***AltLd04/Jul/15Luggala
ThrillerE3 5c ***Lead04/Jul/15Luggala
RipsnorterE5 6a **Lead30/Jun/15Dalkey quarry
OrcaE2 6a 2nd28/Jun/15Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
Atomic RoosterE1 5b **Lead28/Jun/15Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
StonedE3 5c *Lead28/Jun/15Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
KleptomaniacE3 6a ***Lead27/Jun/15Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
Wall of fosselsE4 6a ***Lead21/Jun/15Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
Doolin RougeE1 5a 2nd21/Jun/15Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
BlockheadE5 6b ***Lead20/Jun/15Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
LucyE2 5c **Lead20/Jun/15Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
Port CullisE4 6a ***Lead14/Jun/15Dalkey quarry
Yellow Line RiderE1 5b Lead14/Jun/15Dalkey quarry
The StoatE2 5c **AltLd07/Jun/15Fair Head
Roaring MegVS 5a **AltLd07/Jun/15Fair Head
CúchulainnE2 5c ***AltLd05/Jun/15Fair Head
Hanging AroundE2 6a Lead24/May/15Dalkey quarry
Spillikin RidgeE3 4c,5c ***AltLd23/May/15Glendalough (Ireland)
Brewer's DroopS 4b *Lead18/May/15Lower Cove
Pillar VariantS 4a ***AltLd18/May/15Lower Cove
PreacherHVS 4b,5a *2nd16/May/15Dalkey quarry