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NameStyleDate Crag name
Liberté SurveilléeAltLd O/S26/Oct/14Falaise de l'Imbut
La DemandeAltLd O/S25/Oct/14Gorges du Verdon
Rêve de FerAltLd O/S24/Oct/14Gorges du Verdon
Z'mutt DirectSent rpt20/Sep/14High Rocks
Z'MuttSent β20/Sep/14High Rocks
BrenvaSent β20/Sep/14High Rocks
Is Vic There?Lead dog13/Sep/14Blacknor North
Downtown Julie BrownLead O/S13/Sep/14Blacknor North
Reptile SmileLead O/S13/Sep/14Blacknor North
UnnamedLead O/S13/Sep/14Blacknor North
Talking SmackLead O/S13/Sep/14Blacknor North
Slings ShotLead O/S13/Sep/14Blacknor North
Rapid ResponseLead dog26/Jul/14Wallsend South
Face in the ChertLead O/S26/Jul/14Wallsend South
Glamour CatLead O/S26/Jul/14Wallsend South
Magical Mr. MephistophelesLead O/S26/Jul/14Wallsend South
We are GoldenLead O/S26/Jul/14Wallsend South
2HBSent x26/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
PongoSent dnf26/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Natural Born DrillersLead RP24/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
The Jugs Don't WorkSent x17/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
JuggieSent O/S17/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
PongoSent dnf16/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Narcosis SSSent x16/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Nemesis SSSent x16/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Natural Born DrillersLead dog14/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Abstract ArtLead β14/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
NemesisSent O/S14/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
NarcosisSent O/S14/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
LunikSent O/S14/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
First MovementLead O/S14/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
The BeastSent O/S14/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Skint KnucklesSent O/S11/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
RailingSent x10/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Cheddar DirectSent O/S10/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Hard CheddarSent O/S10/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
ValhallaSent O/S??/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
The BeautySent O/S??/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
The CrackSent O/S??/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Short WallSent O/S??/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
The Blue MeanieSent O/S31/May/14Dumbarton Rock
PTOSent O/S31/May/14Dumbarton Rock
Left EdgeSent O/S31/May/14Dumbarton Rock
Fridays FillSent O/S31/May/14Dumbarton Rock
Friar's MantleSent O/S31/May/14Dumbarton Rock
UngavaSent O/S31/May/14Dumbarton Rock
Right EdgeSent O/S31/May/14Dumbarton Rock
Warmup Wall Low TraverseSent O/S31/May/14Dumbarton Rock
Home RuleSent O/S31/May/14Dumbarton Rock
TotoSent x31/May/14Dumbarton Rock
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