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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Deliverance f7B+ *** Sent 25/Nov Stanage Plantation
Zaff Skoczylas f7C Sent 04/Nov Burbage North
Gibbering Right f6C+ * Sent 01/Nov Gib Torr
The Fin - Sit down f7B *** Sent 01/Nov Gib Torr
The Flying Arete f7A+ Sent 25/Oct Higgar Tor
Quintessential Higgarisms f7A Sent 25/Oct Higgar Tor
Shit f7C Sent 25/Oct Higgar Tor
Griff's Trav/Bovine f7B ** Sent 24/Oct Blackwell Dale
Young, Black & Gifted f7A *** Sent 22/Oct Blackwell Dale
Cordless Madness 7c ** Lead 01/Oct Chee Dale Lower
Dune (El Poussif) f7A+ ** Sent ?/Oct Franchard Isatis
El Poussah f7A *** Sent ?/Oct Franchard Isatis
Duroxmanie assis f7B ** Sent ?/Oct Bas Cuvier
Le Carnage (White 6t) f7B+ *** - ?/Oct Bas Cuvier
Magic Bus f7B ** Sent ?/Oct Buthiers Piscine
Cosmopolitan 7b+ ** Lead RP 24/Sep Chee Dale Lower
Cry of Despair 7c *** Lead RP 10/Sep Chee Dale Lower
The Main Motor Mile 7a+ ** Lead RP 04/Sep Cow Dale (Craig-y-Biceps)
Big Zipper 7b ** Lead RP 16/Aug Chee Dale Lower
Bovine f7B Sent 04/Aug Blackwell Dale
Acid Reign f6C * Sent 16/Apr Rivelin Edge
Europe After Rain f7A * Sent 16/Apr Rivelin Edge
Gib's Rib f7A ** Sent 10/Apr Burbage South Edge
The Terrace f7C+ Sent 24/Mar Burbage North
Blood Falls f7A+ ** Sent 16/Mar Rowtor Rocks