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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Gluckspitz4c *TR β 09/May/14La Creveta
Angsthase5c *Lead β 09/May/14La Creveta
Som-hi6a Lead dog 09/May/14La Creveta
Cannabis in vitro4c *Lead β 07/May/14Sa Gubia
Pataje español5a *Lead β 07/May/14Sa Gubia
El jardín de la abuela5a *Lead β 07/May/14Sa Gubia
Tantum ergo5a *Lead β 07/May/14Sa Gubia
La Isla bonita6a **Lead dog 07/May/14Sa Gubia
Centurion's Groovenone 4c **TR O/S 30/May/11Bulls Hollow Rocks
Conway's Cracknone 4b **TR O/S 30/May/11Bulls Hollow Rocks
Cottonsocks Traversenone 4b *TR RP 30/May/11Harrisons Rocks
Birch Tree Wallnone 4c TR O/S 29/May/11Harrisons Rocks
Yellimonone 4a Sent x 24/May/11High Rocks
TestimonyV1 5a **Sent x 24/May/11High Rocks
Nelson's Columnnone 5a *TR rpt 19/Apr/11Bowles Rocks
Santa's Clawsnone 4c TR O/S 19/Apr/11Bowles Rocks
Alkanone 4c *TR dnf 19/Apr/11Bowles Rocks
Sylvie's Slabnone 4b *TR rpt 19/Apr/11Bowles Rocks
Six Footnone 4c *TR rpt 19/Apr/11Bowles Rocks
Funnelnone 4a **TR rpt 19/Apr/11Bowles Rocks
Isolated Buttress Climbnone 4c ***TR RP 28/Aug/10Harrisons Rocks
snoutnone 5b TR O/S 20/Aug/10Harrisons Rocks
Groovy Graemef5+ Solo RP 20/Aug/10Harrisons Rocks
Two-Toed Slothnone 5a *TR RP 20/Aug/10Harrisons Rocks
Barham Bouldernone 4a TR O/S 19/Aug/10Bowles Rocks
Rad's Cliffnone 5a TR O/S 19/Aug/10Bowles Rocks
Bovrilnone 4b TR O/S 19/Aug/10Bowles Rocks
Wallynone 4b TR O/S 19/Aug/10Bowles Rocks
Dibnone 4a *TR O/S 19/Aug/10Bowles Rocks
Sappernone 4c **TR O/S 19/Aug/10Bowles Rocks
Moraynone 4b Sent dnf 18/Aug/10Happy Valley Rocks
The Buzzard Yearsnone 4a *Sent x 18/Aug/10Happy Valley Rocks
Going Turbotnone 5a Sent x 18/Aug/10Happy Valley Rocks
Red Snappernone 5b *Sent dnf 18/Aug/10Happy Valley Rocks
Leaning Buttress CrackVD **Lead O/S 12/Aug/10Stanage Popular
PhysiologyVD *TR RP 12/Aug/10Stanage Popular
SociologyS 4a TR RP 12/Aug/10Stanage Popular
Dover's Wall, Route 2HVS 5a **TR RP 11/Aug/10Stanage Popular
Dover's Wall, Route 1HS 4b *TR RP 11/Aug/10Stanage Popular
Cave Cracknone 5a *TR O/S 30/Jul/10Bowles Rocks
Kemp's Delightnone 4b *TR RP 30/Jul/10Bowles Rocks
Devaluationnone 5b **TR O/S 30/Jul/10Bowles Rocks
Nelson's Columnnone 5a *TR O/S 14/Jul/10Bowles Rocks
Scirocco Slabnone 4b *TR O/S 14/Jul/10Bowles Rocks
Netwallnone 4a *TR rpt 14/Jul/10Bowles Rocks
Nealon'snone 4c **TR RP 14/Jul/10Bowles Rocks
Funnelnone 4a **TR RP 14/Jun/10Bowles Rocks
Baby Bouldernone 4b TR RP 14/Jun/10Bowles Rocks
Sylvie's Slabnone 4b *TR RP 14/May/10Bowles Rocks
Six Footnone 4c *TR RP 14/May/10Bowles Rocks
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