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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Baby RickyVB Sent rpt25/Jul/13The Beach-Pirates Cove
Tin ManV0 **Sent rpt25/Jul/13The Beach-Pirates Cove
The PyramidVB Sent rpt25/Jul/13The Beach-Pirates Cove
HingeV0 ***Sent rpt25/Jul/13The Beach-Pirates Cove
Pin ScarV0 *Sent rpt25/Jul/13The Beach-Pirates Cove
The Fiend5.9 **Lead O/S10/Sep/10Suicide Rock
Miller Time5.10b Lead RP10/Sep/10Suicide Rock
Runout in Reverse5.11b TR RP10/Sep/10Suicide Rock
Duck Soup5.10c **Lead O/S10/Sep/10Suicide Rock
Cathedral Peak Southeast Buttress A B and C5.6 ***Solo rpt06/Sep/10Cathedral Peak
Dark Side of the Force5.7 *Lead O/S05/Sep/10Dark Side Dome
Sound of One Hand Slapping5.8 *Lead O/S03/Sep/10Al's Garage
C. Unknown5.8 **Lead O/S03/Sep/10Clark Canyon
Double or Nothing5.8 **Lead O/S03/Sep/10Clark Canyon
Hash Brownies5.8 ***Lead O/S03/Sep/10Clark Canyon
D. Toprope5.8 *Solo O/S02/Sep/10Horseshoe Slabs
I. Toprope5.8 *Solo rpt02/Sep/10Horseshoe Slabs
Rodeo Rider5.6 **Solo rpt02/Sep/10Horseshoe Slabs
ClassiqueV1 Sent rpt01/Sep/10Happy Boulders
Howard CarterV0 *Sent x31/Aug/10Buttermilks
When the Levee Breaks5.9 **Lead β22/Aug/10Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
Bourbon Street5.9 ***Lead β22/Aug/10Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
Conjunction Junction5.9 *Lead O/S21/Aug/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Bum Steer5.10a *Lead O/S21/Aug/10Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
Claim Jumper5.10a **Lead β21/Aug/10Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
One Armed Bandit5.10a ***Lead O/S21/Aug/10Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
Chaps My Hide5.10c *Lead dog21/Aug/10Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
Coyotes in the Hen House5.10d ***Lead dog21/Aug/10Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
Iceman Cometh5.10b ***Lead O/S21/Aug/10Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
Mask of the Devil5.10a *Lead β21/Aug/10Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
Epic Zedu5.6 *Solo O/S20/Aug/10Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
The Long Climb5.8 **AltLd O/S19/Aug/10Tahquitz Rock
The Plague5.10b *Lead dog18/Aug/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Lowdown5.10a *Lead dog18/Aug/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Hootenanny5.10a *TR β16/Aug/10Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
Power Play5.10d **Lead β12/Aug/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Minimizer5.10a **Lead dog12/Aug/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Nawab5.8 Lead O/S06/Aug/10Suicide Rock
Spatula - Direct Start5.11b Lead RP06/Aug/10Suicide Rock
Show Stopper5.10a Lead O/S06/Aug/10Suicide Rock
White Heat5.10b *Lead dog05/Aug/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Groove Factor5.10a **Lead O/S05/Aug/10Riverside Rock Quarry
White Light5.7 *Lead O/S05/Aug/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Whammy5.10b **Lead O/S05/Aug/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Whammy Play5.9 *Lead O/S05/Aug/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Trundle Trophy5.10d ***Lead O/S01/Aug/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Flexercise5.10b **Lead dog01/Aug/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Mantle Marathon5.10a **Lead O/S29/Jul/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Goody Two Shoes5.10b **Lead O/S29/Jul/10Riverside Rock Quarry
Fetal Rearrangement (P-1)5.8 **Lead O/S29/Jul/10Riverside Rock Quarry