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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Laicifitra 2HVD 4a Lead05/Sep/10Baslow Edge
Route 1.5S 4b Lead05/Sep/10Baslow Edge
AlisonS 4a Lead05/Sep/10Baslow Edge
Allen's SlabS 4a **Lead05/Sep/10Froggatt Edge
Sickle ButtressS 4a *-05/Sep/10Froggatt Edge
BarbecueS 4a Lead??/Sep/10Wilton 3
999HS 4c ***Lead??/Sep/10Wilton 1
ChristeenaVS 4c **2nd??/Sep/10Wilton 1
FingernailS 4a **2nd??/Sep/10Wilton 1
CameoE1 5a ***2nd??/Sep/10Wilton 1
Central GrooveS 4b TR??/Sep/10Blackstone Edge
Central CrackVD **Lead??/Sep/10Blackstone Edge
Central CrackVD **Lead30/Aug/10Blackstone Edge
Central GrooveS 4b TR30/Aug/10Blackstone Edge
Harbour CrackVD AltLd10/Aug/10Porth-Clais
Vegetable RightsVS 4c AltLd10/Aug/10Porth-Clais
Diagonal CrackS 4a *AltLd10/Aug/10Porth-Clais
Dreamboat AnnieHVS 5a **AltLd10/Aug/10Porth-Clais
ShirazE1 5b **2nd08/Aug/10Velvet Wall St Nons Bay
ChinonHVS 5a **2nd08/Aug/10Velvet Wall St Nons Bay
CapricornHS 4b *Lead08/Aug/10Initiation Slabs
AriesVS 4c **2nd08/Aug/10Initiation Slabs
RosaryVS 4b Lead08/Aug/10Square Cut Bay
Foot And MouthVS 4c *2nd08/Aug/10Initiation Slabs
Caerfai CrackHS 4b Lead08/Aug/10Craig Caerfai
Unknown SentryHVS 5a 2nd08/Aug/10Craig Caerfai
The BrynHVS 5a 2nd08/Aug/10Craig Caerfai
Black Slab AreteS 4a Lead30/Jul/10Burbage North
Big Chimney AreteHS 4b *Lead30/Jul/10Burbage North
Bilberry CakeHVS 5a Lead30/Jul/10Burbage North
Tower RidgeVD *Lead24/Jul/10Dovestones Edge
Central TowerVD **Lead24/Jul/10Dovestones Edge
Wrinkled ButtressVD *Lead24/Jul/10Dovestones Edge
EyebrowS 4a Lead24/Jul/10Dovestones Edge
Mort WallHVS 5a *2nd??/Jul/10Chatsworth Edge
Step ButtressHVD Lead??/Jul/10Chatsworth Edge
NovaHS 4b *Lead??/Jul/10Lawrencefield
Snail CrackVD *Lead??/Jul/10Lawrencefield
The Moronic ChippingsVS 4b 2nd??/Jul/10Millstone Edge
The Great SlabHS 4b **Lead??/Jul/10Millstone Edge
Low Man Easy WayD *Lead??/Jun/10Almscliff
Stew PotHVD *Lead??/Jun/10Almscliff
Rough CrackVD Lead??/Jun/10Almscliff
Fluted CrackS 4b Lead??/Jun/10Almscliff
Handy CrackD Lead??/Jun/10Birchen Edge
All AboardD Lead??/Jun/10Birchen Edge
Visitors OnlyHS 4a *Lead??/Jun/10Birchen Edge
Trafalgar WallS 4b ***Lead??/Jun/10Birchen Edge
Trafalgar CrackVD 4a **Lead??/Jun/10Birchen Edge
Curving CrackVS 4c *2nd??/Jun/10Heptonstall