22 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Sombre ReptilesLead O/S05/May/12Kirrie Hill
Hard LabourLead O/S05/May/12Kirrie Hill
DogmaticLead O/S05/May/12Kirrie Hill
SpentLead O/S05/May/12Kirrie Hill
Wisdom's doorLead dog05/May/12Kirrie Hill
mind lightLead dog31/Jul/11Llanddulas Cave
Guano on sightLead dog31/Jul/11Llanddulas Cave
Rosalind Franklin's picture 51Lead O/S31/Jul/11Llanddulas Cave
Beg To DifferLead O/S24/Jul/11Benny Beg
Beg'tasticLead O/S24/Jul/11Benny Beg
Benny LaneLead O/S24/Jul/11Benny Beg
Ally's in WonderlandLead O/S24/Jul/11Benny Beg
The BeggarLead O/S24/Jul/11Benny Beg
Beggar's BanquetLead O/S24/Jul/11Benny Beg
New BeginningLead O/S24/Jul/11Benny Beg
Side of the FlakeLead O/S22/Jun/11Grass Crag
Sign of the JugLead O/S22/Jun/11Grass Crag
MOD TraverseSent x21/Jun/11Sand Bay
MOD ReverseSent x21/Jun/11Sand Bay
Full ReverseSent x21/Jun/11Sand Bay
The Right RoofSent O/S21/Jun/11Sand Bay
Hanging WallSent O/S21/Jun/11Sand Bay