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NameStyleDate Crag name
Hollybush CrackLead rpt21/Aug/12Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress Crack2nd rpt21/Aug/12Stanage Popular
Right-hand Trinity2nd rpt21/Aug/12Stanage Popular
Trafalgar CrackLead O/S04/Jun/12Birchen Edge
Monument ChimneyLead O/S04/Jun/12Birchen Edge
Trafalgar Wall-04/Jun/12Birchen Edge
Camperdown Crawl-04/Jun/12Birchen Edge
Emma's Delusion-04/Jun/12Birchen Edge
Bilberry Wall-22/Apr/12Burbage North
Omega Crack-22/Apr/12Burbage North
Scarred Buttress Climb-22/Apr/12Burbage North
Ash Tree Crack-22/Apr/12Burbage North
Velcro Arete-25/Feb/12Stanage Popular
Hoaxer's Crack-25/Feb/12Stanage Popular
Small Crack-25/Feb/12Stanage Popular
Mantelpiece Buttress-25/Feb/12Stanage Popular
Button Wall-25/Feb/12Stanage Popular
AmiLead O/S30/Aug/11Stanage North
Mantelshelf ClimbLead O/S30/Aug/11Stanage North
Tango CrackLead rpt30/Aug/11Stanage North
End ButtressSolo O/S29/Aug/11Burbage North
End SlabSolo O/S29/Aug/11Burbage North
EnderSolo O/S29/Aug/11Burbage North
EndsteSolo O/S29/Aug/11Burbage North
Mommy WallSolo O/S29/Aug/11Burbage North
Sand GullyLead O/S24/Aug/11Stanage Plantation
Paradise Lost2nd O/S24/Aug/11Stanage Plantation
Left Pool CrackLead dnf24/Aug/11Stanage Plantation
Youth2nd O/S17/Aug/11Stanage North
October CrackLead O/S17/Aug/11Stanage North
Kelly's CrackLead O/S17/Aug/11Stanage North
Bent Crack2nd O/S17/Aug/11Stanage North
Zigzag TraverseSolo O/S15/Aug/11Stanage Popular
Zigzag WallSolo O/S15/Aug/11Stanage Popular
Ho'Solo O/S15/Aug/11Stanage Popular
Right LegSolo O/S15/Aug/11Stanage Popular
Middle LegSolo O/S15/Aug/11Stanage Popular
Gripple OneSolo O/S15/Aug/11Stanage Popular
The High RoadSolo O/S15/Aug/11Stanage Popular
Pert WallSolo O/S15/Aug/11Stanage Popular
Slotted AreteSolo O/S15/Aug/11Stanage Popular
Slotted WallSolo O/S15/Aug/11Stanage Popular
Pert Block AreteSolo O/S15/Aug/11Stanage Popular
Green Wall-31/Jul/11Stanage Popular
Capstone ChimneyLead O/S31/Jul/11Stanage Popular
Hargreaves' Original Route2nd dog31/Jul/11Stanage Popular
Falstaff's CrackLead24/Jul/11Burbage North
Green Crack2nd24/Jul/11Burbage North
Bilberry Wall2nd24/Jul/11Burbage North
Black Hawk Traverse LeftLead O/S13/Jul/11Stanage Popular
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