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NameStyleDate Crag name
PokemonLead06/Mar/15Lower Roadside Crag
Queen Anne's Revenge-23/Jan/15Fuwairit
Davey Jones Lock-Off-23/Jan/15Fuwairit
Damiens GrooveLead β08/Jan/15Lower Roadside Crag
The Kraken-???/2015Fuwairit
Power of the Pufferfish-???/2015Fuwairit
Shoot the curl-???/2015Fuwairit
Beach break-???/2015Fuwairit
Point break-???/2015Fuwairit
Plank walk slab-???/2015Fuwairit
Half pipe-???/2015Fuwairit
Keel haul-???/2015Fuwairit
Cutty shark-???/2015Fuwairit
Black Pearl-???/2015Fuwairit
Black Pearl in to Cutty Shark finish-???/2015Fuwairit
Wicked Wench-???/2015Fuwairit
Paternal instinct-???/2015Musfer Sink ole
Roca Dramatico-???/2015Musfer Sink ole
Roco aggressiva-???/2015Musfer Sink ole
Interstellar flight-???/2015Musfer Sink ole
Bussard Ramjet-???/2015Musfer Sink ole
Malakas holes-???/2015Musfer Sink ole
Camel Kiss (project)-???/2015Musfer Sink ole
Tygres-???/2015Musfer Sink ole
Qatari swing-???/2015Musfer Sink ole
Voyager-???/2015Musfer Sink ole
Galileo-???/2015Musfer Sink ole
Long Traverse-???/2015Musfer Sink ole
KharzangLead O/S27/Sep/14Sentinel Rock
Echo BeachLead RP26/Sep/14Tawiyan Crag
Jebel JebelLead O/S26/Sep/14Tawiyan Crag
Second time is...-??/May/13Musfer Sink ole
Folle Allier-???/2012Le Pradel
Mogadi show-???/2012Le Pradel
Simple Simon Indirect-??/May/11Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Hallowed be My NameLead RP02/Aug/09Willersley Castle Rocks
SupercrackLead26/Apr/09Lorry Park Quarry
The SquealerLead22/Apr/09Lorry Park Quarry
RambeauSent x04/Mar/08Froggatt Edge
Gibbering Left-???/2008Gib Torr
The Fin - Sit down-???/2008Gib Torr
Pig Heart BoySent x???/2008Froggatt Edge
Wright's 'Giza'Sent23/Mar/07Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Rocket RideSent23/Mar/07Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
The Root of InequityLead15/Feb/07Brean Down
The Root of Inequity-???/2007Brean Down
Little Groove-???/2007Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Last Wrights-???/2007Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)