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Logbook for twitch0

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Prime Suspect4a Lead O/SRichard Wells29/Aug/13Trevor Rocks Area
Innocence5c *Lead O/SRichard Wells29/Aug/13Trevor Rocks Area
Crime Scene6b *Lead O/SRichard Wells29/Aug/13Trevor Rocks Area
Forensic Science5a Lead O/SRichard Wells29/Aug/13Trevor Rocks Area
Blue FlashVS 4b *Lead O/SRichard Wells29/Aug/13Trevor Rocks Area
Right AngleHS 4b TR O/SRichard Wells29/Mar/12Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
Un-AidedVS 4b *TR RPRichard Wells29/Mar/12Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
GrizzlyVS 4c *TR dnfRichard Wells29/Mar/12Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
The DogHVS 5b ***TR dnfRichard Wells29/Mar/12Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
Ash BoleS 4a TR O/SRichard Wells24/Jul/11Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
Ivy CrackS 4a *TR O/SRichard Wells24/Jul/11Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
WitherD TR O/SRichard Wells24/Jul/11Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
SlitherVS 4c *TR dnfRichard Wells24/Jul/11Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
Jennifer CrackHS 4a **TR O/SRichard Wells24/Jul/11Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
StingHS 4a *TR O/SRichard Wells24/Jul/11Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
QuillVS 4c TR O/SRichard Wells24/Jul/11Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
Coltsfoot CornerHS 4b *TR O/SRichard Wells24/Jul/11Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
Left EdgeHS 4a *TR O/SRichard Wells24/Jul/11Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
Straight EdgeHS 4b *TR O/SRichard Wells24/Jul/11Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
Layback on MeVS 4b TR O/SRichard Wells14/Jul/11Maeshafn
RamblerHS 4a *TR O/SRichard Wells14/Jul/11Maeshafn
Puppy PowerVS 4b *TR O/SRichard Wells14/Jul/11Maeshafn
YoboHS 4a TR O/SRichard Wells14/Jul/11Maeshafn
Shattered CrackHS 4a *TR O/SRichard Wells14/Jul/11Maeshafn
The AreteVS 5a TR O/SRichard Wells14/Jul/11Maeshafn
WandererVS 4c TR O/SRichard Wells14/Jul/11Maeshafn
Orange GrooveVD *TR O/SAndrew Wiatr03/Jul/11Wilton 3
Orange CornerVD TR O/SAndrew Wiatr03/Jul/11Wilton 3
Rappel WallVD **TR O/SAndrew Wiatr03/Jul/11Wilton 3
Central CrackHVS 5a ***TR βAndrew Wiatr03/Jul/11Wilton 3
Forked CracksVS 4b *TR βSam Young25/Oct/10Wilton 3
Epitaph CornerVS 4b **TR O/SSam Young13/Oct/10Hobson Moor Quarry
Parker's EliminateHVS 5a ***TR O/SSam Young13/Oct/10Hobson Moor Quarry
Crew's RouteVS 4c ***TR dogSam Young13/Oct/10Hobson Moor Quarry
Proven Guilty5a Lead rptSam Young02/Oct/10Trevor Rocks Area
Forensic Science5a Lead O/SSam Young02/Oct/10Trevor Rocks Area
Big PhlashVS 4a *TR O/SSam Young02/Oct/10Trevor Rocks Area
Long John SilverVS 4b *TR O/SSam Young02/Oct/10Trevor Rocks Area
Prime Suspect4a Lead O/SRichard Wells25/Sep/10Trevor Rocks Area
Proven Guilty5a Lead dnfRichard Wells25/Sep/10Trevor Rocks Area
Innocence5c *Lead O/SRichard Wells25/Sep/10Trevor Rocks Area
Clue, So?4c *Lead O/SSam Young18/Sep/10Trevor Rocks Area