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Logbook for Dave Rumney

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
CarnageE2 5b ***AltLdDennis Wong27/Sep/14Malham Cove
Sens Unique7a ***Lead O/STanya Milner20/Sep/14Iannis
Zagori6c ***LeadTanya Milner20/Sep/14Iannis
Yaka6b **Lead O/STanya Milner20/Sep/14Iannis
Quando tramonta il sol6a+ *LeadTanya Milner20/Sep/14Poets
Avra6a **LeadTanya Milner19/Sep/14Kalydna
Tassir7a+ ***LeadTanya Milner19/Sep/14Kalydna
Golden Oriole6b+ ***LeadTanya Milner19/Sep/14Kalydna
Kaly Nikhla6b+ **LeadTanya Milner19/Sep/14Kalydna
Late Evening Light6a+ *LeadTanya Milner19/Sep/14Kalydna
Plagnolis6c+ **LeadTanya Milner18/Sep/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Perskindol6b **LeadTanya Milner18/Sep/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Bloc Volant6a+ *2ndTanya Milner18/Sep/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Uncle Ernie6b+ *LeadTanya Milner18/Sep/14Panorama
Swiss Baby6a+ **LeadTanya Milner18/Sep/14Afternoon
Sidewinder6c+ **Lead O/STanya Milner18/Sep/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Aypa6c+ ***Lead O/STanya Milner18/Sep/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Lava6a+ ***LeadTanya Milner16/Sep/14Lambda
Progressive Rock part 16a ***LeadTanya Milner16/Sep/14Lambda
Fiirhelzer6b ***LeadTanya Milner16/Sep/14Lambda
Arbzug6c **LeadTanya Milner16/Sep/14Lambda
Schwjieschwanz6a ***LeadTanya Milner16/Sep/14Lambda
Calida6c+ ***LeadTanya Milner15/Sep/14Kalydna
Extra6a+ *LeadTanya Milner15/Sep/14Kalydna
Styx6a+ ***LeadTanya Milner15/Sep/14Poets
Kalyne6b **Lead O/STanya Milner14/Sep/14Iannis
Saxonia6a **LeadTanya Milner14/Sep/14Poets
Homeric Verses6a+ ***LeadTanya Milner14/Sep/14Poets
Anacreonte6a ***LeadTanya Milner14/Sep/14Poets
Ibria6c **LeadTanya Milner14/Sep/14Poets
Poets Corner5c **LeadTanya Milner14/Sep/14Poets
BruteVS 5a *Lead 26/Aug/14Creag Dubh, Newtonmore
L.M.F.E1 **Lead 26/Aug/14Creag Dubh, Newtonmore
InbredHVS 5a ***Lead 26/Aug/14Creag Dubh, Newtonmore
StormHVS 5a ***Lead 24/Aug/14Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
Last Tango in ParisE1 5b **LeadPhil Moore17/Aug/14Vivian Quarry
Mister, Mister6b *LeadPhil Moore17/Aug/14Vivian Quarry
The Full Monty6a LeadPhil Moore17/Aug/14Vivian Quarry
ChickenE1 5a **LeadTanya Milner03/Aug/14Hen Cloud
Big A55 ArÍte6b *LeadJim Jones20/Jul/14Penmaenbach Quarry
Agent Orange6a LeadJim Jones20/Jul/14Penmaenbach Quarry
Prelude to a Pint6c **LeadJim Jones20/Jul/14Penmaenbach Quarry
The Whole of the Law6c **LeadJim Jones20/Jul/14Penmaenbach Quarry
A55 hole ArÍte5a *LeadJim Jones20/Jul/14Penmaenbach Quarry
Jefferson Slab6a *LeadJim Jones20/Jul/14Penmaenbach Quarry
Y Clip Aur6a **LeadJim Jones20/Jul/14Penmaenbach Quarry
A55 Crack6c **LeadJim Jones20/Jul/14Penmaenbach Quarry
Wonderland5.9 ***-Tanya Milner04/Jul/14Little Smoke Bluffs
Jabberwocky5.10a ***-Tanya Milner03/Jul/14Little Smoke Bluffs
Mosquito5.8 ***-Tanya Milner03/Jul/14Little Smoke Bluffs
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