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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Across Purposesf4+ *Sent β 04/Jul/13Fairlop Boulders
Toast + Jamf4 Sent β 04/Jul/13Fairlop Boulders
No Grooves Rock's Revengef5 Sent β 04/Jul/13Fairlop Boulders
Stand Start Artf5 Sent β 04/Jul/13Fairlop Boulders
Durdle Girdlef5+ **Sent β 04/Jul/13Fairlop Boulders
Sea FeverHVS 4c 2nd O/S 15/Jun/13Moel Y Gest - Foremast and...
Face/Off (4)f3+ - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Off/Face (5)f4+ - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Spine (1)VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
It's A Toigar! (4)f5 - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Collaborating with Santa (2)f3+ - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Top Crack (8)f3+ - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Cloud Atlasf4+ - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Spaghetti Snapsf5 *- 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Definitely V7f3+ - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Spongecakef4 - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Ascend the Descent (1)VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
[Insert Extremely Pertinent Name Here]f6A+ *- 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Mariposa Assesinaf6A - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Under Cover (10)f5+ *- 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Going to the Zoo Tomorrowf5 - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Going to the Zoo Todayf6B **- 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 1VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
The Pibbles Problem (2)f6A *- 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 3f2 - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 4VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 5VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 6VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 7VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 8VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Twin Peaks - 1VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Twin Peaks - 2VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Twin Peaks - 3f3+ - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Twin Peaks - 4f4 - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Twin Peaks - 5VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Twin Peaks - 6VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Twin Peaks - 7VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Ammonite Girdlef4+ *- 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Petit Block - Route 1VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Petit Block - Route 2VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Petit Block - Route 3VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Petit Block - Route 4VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Child's playf3+ *- 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
Arch TraverseVB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
The Final Boulder - 1VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
The Final Boulder - 2VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
The Final Boulder - 3VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
The Final Boulder - 4VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
The Final Boulder - 5VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
The Final Boulder - 6VB - 11/Jun/13Fairlop Boulders
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