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Logbook for RKirke

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NameStyleDate Crag name
The ScoopSent O/S25/Jan/15Ramshaw Rocks
Nose ScoopSent O/S25/Jan/15Roaches Upper Tier
Jug UpSent O/S25/Jan/15Roaches Upper Tier
StaircaseSent O/S25/Jan/15Roaches Upper Tier
Cooper's TraverseSent O/S25/Jan/15Roaches Upper Tier
WingerSent O/S25/Jan/15Roaches Upper Tier
Wing WongSent O/S25/Jan/15Roaches Upper Tier
Bombay OverhangSent O/S25/Jan/15Roaches Upper Tier
Mistral StartSent O/S25/Jan/15Roaches Upper Tier
Dish GrabSent O/S25/Jan/15Roaches Upper Tier
Calcutta RibSent O/S25/Jan/15Roaches Upper Tier
Calcutta TraverseSent x25/Jan/15Roaches Upper Tier
Square Cut FaceSent O/S24/Jan/15Newstones
Left AreteSent O/S24/Jan/15Newstones
Wall and MonoSent x24/Jan/15Newstones
VaricoseSent x24/Jan/15Newstones
The Grinding SloperSent x24/Jan/15Newstones
Varicose TraverseSent O/S24/Jan/15Newstones
Easy SlabSent O/S24/Jan/15Newstones
Easy Slab Right-handSent O/S24/Jan/15Newstones
Right AreteSent O/S24/Jan/15Newstones
Uppermost traverseSent O/S24/Jan/15Newstones
Sly TraverseSent x24/Jan/15Newstones
Stallone AreteSent O/S24/Jan/15Newstones
Tyrannosaurus HexSent β24/Jan/15Newstones
Clammy WallSent O/S24/Jan/15Newstones
Clammy HandsSent O/S24/Jan/15Newstones
Honcho StartSent x24/Jan/15New Mills Torrs
Honcho Right-handSent β24/Jan/15New Mills Torrs
Bionic's Wall DirectSent O/S24/Jan/15New Mills Torrs
Viaduct Wall TraverseSent x24/Jan/15New Mills Torrs
Naked YogaSent x18/Jan/15Snowden Crags
TumbledownSent β17/Jan/15Almscliff
The Virgin TraverseSent x17/Jan/15Almscliff
Chipless (with chips)Sent O/S10/Jan/15Burbage West
BreakfastSent x10/Jan/15Burbage West
Left AreteSent O/S10/Jan/15Burbage West
Descent RouteSent O/S10/Jan/15Burbage West
Easy BreaksSent O/S10/Jan/15Burbage West
Go WestSent x10/Jan/15Burbage West
Sloping AreteSent O/S30/Dec/14Cuckoo Rock and Combeshead Tor
Sharp AreteSent β30/Dec/14Cuckoo Rock and Combeshead Tor
Hanging GrooveSent O/S30/Dec/14Cuckoo Rock and Combeshead Tor
Slabby RibSent O/S30/Dec/14Cuckoo Rock and Combeshead Tor
Problem 73Sent O/S30/Dec/14Cuckoo Rock and Combeshead Tor
Flake 'n' SlabSent x30/Dec/14Cuckoo Rock and Combeshead Tor
Hanging FlakesSent O/S30/Dec/14Cuckoo Rock and Combeshead Tor
Flake CrackSent O/S30/Dec/14Cuckoo Rock and Combeshead Tor
Problem: 44 (Javu)Sent O/S29/Dec/14Hound Tor
P45 (Javu)Sent O/S29/Dec/14Hound Tor
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