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NameStyleDate Crag name
A Tikka bit furtherLead O/S18/Dec/14Garden of Eden
Tufa BaroqueLead β18/Dec/14Garden of Eden
Tufa fis-SodLead O/S18/Dec/14Garden of Eden
Inscrutable SmileLead O/S17/Dec/14Wied Qirda
TutenkamenLead O/S17/Dec/14Wied Qirda
Curse of the MummyLead O/S17/Dec/14Wied Qirda
Cleopatra's JugsLead O/S17/Dec/14Wied Qirda
AlexLead O/S16/Dec/14Ghar Lapsi
Sweet as, BroLead O/S16/Dec/14Ghar Lapsi
HannibalLead O/S16/Dec/14Ghar Lapsi
Altar of StoneLead O/S16/Dec/14Ghar Lapsi
BenzeneLead O/S16/Dec/14Ghar Lapsi
MononeroneLead O/S15/Dec/14Wied Babu - East Side
Owls Nest CrackLead O/S15/Dec/14Wied Babu - East Side
Italian Bolt RouteLead O/S15/Dec/14Wied Babu - East Side
Pipino il BreveLead O/S15/Dec/14Wied Babu - East Side
Man SaturdayLead O/S15/Dec/14Wied Babu - East Side
Tropical SunshineLead RP15/Dec/14Wied Babu - West Side
PredatorLead O/S14/Dec/14Rdum Rxawn
CeciliaLead O/S14/Dec/14Rdum Rxawn
Communication BreakdownLead RP14/Dec/14Rdum Rxawn
NeusLead O/S14/Dec/14Rdum Rxawn
Climber's on the StormLead O/S14/Dec/14Rdum Rxawn
VigilanteLead O/S14/Dec/14Rdum Rxawn
Life of WilliamLead β13/Dec/14Victoria Lines
Nighthawks at the DinerLead β13/Dec/14Victoria Lines
The BoxerLead RP13/Dec/14Victoria Lines
Mr BoombasticLead O/S13/Dec/14Victoria Lines
Sunset BoulevardLead O/S13/Dec/14Victoria Lines
LobrucksterLead O/S13/Dec/14Victoria Lines
Black Hawk Traverse LeftSolo O/S09/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse Right (Blizzard Chimney)Solo O/S09/Dec/14Stanage Popular
RimmerSent x08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
RumSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Snout GrooveSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Snout WallSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Sparky SlabSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
The HingeSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Quick WallSent β08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Tweedle DeeSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
StepsSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Tweedle DumSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Hook, Line and SinkerSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Slotted AreteSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Slotted WallSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Gripple GraunchSent x08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Gripple NippleSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Cube AreteSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
The Cube RootSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
Upper Cube TraverseSent O/S08/Dec/14Stanage Popular
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