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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The Delectable DeviationVS 4c *Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Perched FlakeD Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Magic RoundaboutS 4a **Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Zigzag RouteVD Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Iron Horse CrackD Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Tricouni CrackHS 4b *Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
DarknessS 4a Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Port CrackS 4a *Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Time OutE2 5c *2nd β23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Foord's Folly Startf6A Sent x23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Chockstone ChimneyVD Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Phallic CrackS 4a ***Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Crab Walk Directf6A *Sent x23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Crab Walk DirectVS 5b Solo RP23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Roof Directf6C Sent O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Smoothment TraverseV3 6a Sent β23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Crab WalkS 4a Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Camelian CrackVD *Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
BoomerangVD ***Solo O/S23/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Puddle Jumper7a *Lead RP17/May/15Malham Cove
Pathside P1f3 Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Pathside P2f3 Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Pathside P3f4 Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Pathside P4f4 Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Pathside P5f4 Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Pathside P6f3 Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Pathside P7f4 Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Pathside P8f3 Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Glory Wallf6A Sent x16/May/15Crookrise
Walker's WallHVS 5a *Solo O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Problem ButtressHS 4a Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Craven Mantelf5 Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Craven Slabf5+ Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Marginalf6A+ Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Right Hand Endf5+ *Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Karjalaf7A+ Sent x16/May/15Crookrise
The ScoopHS 4b Solo O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Mantel (Trig Point boulder 2)f3+ Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
The Wall (Trig Point boulder 2)f3+ Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
Curving Arete (Trig Point boulder 3)f5 Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
The Right Aretef3+ Sent O/S16/May/15Crookrise
The Bulge (Trigpoint Boulder 2)f6B+ **Sent x16/May/15Crookrise
Problem 4 - Arsenic Slabf3 Sent O/S15/May/15Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 6 Crimp and popf4 Sent O/S15/May/15Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 7 - Ribletf5+ Sent O/S15/May/15Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 8 - Upside Down Aretef6B+ *Sent x15/May/15Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 9f5+ Sent O/S15/May/15Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 10 - The Left Crackf3 Sent O/S15/May/15Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 11f5+ Sent O/S15/May/15Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 12 - The Crack Rightf3 Sent O/S15/May/15Holmfirth Cliff