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Logbook for Andrew Cross

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NameStyleDate Crag name
KiltonLead O/S22/Apr/12Long Beach
MyopiaLead O/S22/Apr/12Long Beach
Keeping on the Straight and NarrowLead β08/Apr/12Long Beach
Kindling CrackTR rpt08/Apr/12Long Beach
William Shatner HandbagLead O/S08/Apr/12Long Beach
Purple HayesTR O/S08/Apr/12Long Beach
Under the MoonlightLead O/S31/Mar/12Wanaka
Pulp FictionLead O/S31/Mar/12Wanaka
Climb Into The UnknownLead O/S31/Mar/12Wanaka
Paul's RouteLead O/S31/Mar/12Wanaka
Sandy DazeLead O/S13/Mar/12Long Beach
Pamela AndersonLead O/S13/Mar/12Long Beach
CrapulenceLead β28/Feb/12Long Beach
Day of the TriffidsTR O/S21/Feb/12Mapoutahi
Golden ShowersTR O/S21/Feb/12Mapoutahi
Meals on WheelsLead O/S07/Feb/12Long Beach
Keeping on the Straight and Narrow2nd O/S07/Feb/12Long Beach
Fraggle RockTR O/S07/Feb/12Long Beach
The Big CornerLead O/S27/Jan/12Wanaka
Wasted on the Wing2nd O/S27/Jan/12Wanaka
Rubber NeckingLead O/S27/Jan/12Lake Hawea
Steve's OneLead O/S27/Jan/12Lake Hawea
The Great Kiwi Jandal BlowoutLead O/S27/Jan/12Lake Hawea
PC Gone MadLead O/S27/Jan/12Lake Hawea
Deep, Wide and FrequentLead O/S09/Jan/12Mihiwaka
Jung and the RestlessTR O/S09/Jan/12Mihiwaka
Feminist's FollyTR O/S09/Jan/12Mihiwaka
Deep, Wide and FrequentTR O/S09/Jan/12Mihiwaka
Living in the PastSolo O/S09/Jan/12Mihiwaka
Uneasy RiderTR dog09/Jan/12Mihiwaka
RhubarbSolo O/S23/Dec/11Long Beach
BanduraLead O/S23/Dec/11Long Beach
Black SlabLead O/S21/Dec/11Doctor's Point
AnticlimaxLead O/S13/Dec/11Long Beach
AlesiaLead O/S13/Dec/11Long Beach
Father and SonTR O/S25/Nov/11Long Beach
PrecipitationTR O/S25/Nov/11Long Beach
Veggie PatchTR O/S25/Nov/11Long Beach
North ClimbLead O/S26/Jul/11Froggatt Edge
Hawk's Nest Crack2nd O/S26/Jul/11Froggatt Edge
Heather WallLead O/S26/Jul/11Froggatt Edge
Silver CrackLead O/S26/Jul/11Froggatt Edge
Green Gut2nd O/S26/Jul/11Froggatt Edge
Sunset Crack2nd O/S26/Jul/11Froggatt Edge
Nursery SlabSolo O/S26/Jul/11Froggatt Edge
Congestion CrackLead O/S26/Jul/11Froggatt Edge
The Great Slab2nd O/S26/Jun/11Millstone Edge
Three Tree ClimbAltLd O/S26/Jun/11Lawrencefield
Pulpit GrooveLead O/S26/Jun/11Lawrencefield
Snail CrackLead O/S26/Jun/11Lawrencefield
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